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Nancy Judge

Evergreen Chamber Mission

The mission of the Evergreen Chamber of Commerce is to grow our local economy by building business and relationships, promoting the community and representing local concerns with our county government. Located at The Stone House Business Center off Highway 74, 1524 Belford Court in Evergreen, the Chamber also serves as a visitor center, welcoming new residents and tourists to the area. Visit or call 303.674.3412 for more information.


New Year, New Opportunities for Connections

For those who have lived in the Evergreen area for a long time, I am sure they bemoan the fact that Evergreen has grown as much as it has. I see posts about this on social media all the time. But for those who are new to Evergreen, I would bet they are so happy they...

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Everything Local!

I am often asked what it is like as President of the Evergreen Chamber. My first response is always that we have so many wonderful small business owners that it is a pleasure to work with them. I will bet that for many of us who live in this community, we all know a...

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Holiday Fun for Everyone!

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!”  The Evergreen Chamber of Commerce is so excited to bring back our Santa Breakfast with a few new twists. Couple that with the return of the ice sculptures throughout the community and we are bubbling with holiday spirit....

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Taste of Evergreen Rescheduled

Taste of Evergreen has been moved to Tuesday, October 5. It will still be hosted at the Evergreen Lake House with VIP open from 4:30–5:30 pm and general admission from 5:30–8 pm. Our restaurants have been in the tough position of having a lower number of staff but...

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“Summertime and the Livin’ Is Easy…”

Since the topic of where the elk are grazing is so common in the community, and in our office, we thought we would create an event around it to entice folks from down the hill up to see all kinds of elk! “Where are the Elk?” will partner local artists with local...

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We Live In A DreamTown

The most asked question the Evergreen Chamber of Commerce receives all year long is “Where are the elk?” While we receive some very interesting questions, this is by far the topic on the minds of both residents and visitors. I have heard that there is even a local...

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What Does Your Evergreen Chamber Do For You?

For over 50 years, the Evergreen Chamber has been a catalyst for growth for the business community. We help our members work together to create power partners, learn valuable marketing skills that enhance their operations, and provide a place where small business...

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The Power and Importance of Community

There have been three things swirling around in my head these past few days, and while all unrelated to each other, they all bring me back to the same thought: the community in which we choose to live plays a big role in both the day-to-day details as well as the big...

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Ready to Spread Your Wings?

I have heard more people discussing plans for getting out and about, taking road trips, and some even looking at travel—on an airplane no less! While we are all still adhering to the suggested protocols, with the vaccine roll out moving forward, there seems to be a...

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Moving Forward into 2021

Thanks to our title sponsors, PandoraJohn Properties and Tupper’s Team, we are getting ready to honor the nonprofits in our community by asking for everyone to vote on Nonprofit of the Year, Volunteer of the Year, Ambassador of the Year, Youth of the Year and Leader...

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Restaurants Safely Open to Inside Dining

It’s okay to admit it… takeout is not as good as dine-in. We continue to order takeout knowing we are “doing our part” to help our local restaurants survive. But there has been a major aspect of the dining experience that has been missing: community. As Rick Egloff of...

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