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Advertiser Testimonials

“In my 20 years in practice as a psychotherapist, I have never had such an effective marketing tool as the advertorials in Colorado Serenity Magazine. The articles give me an opportunity to not just tell potential clients what I do professionally, but to show who I am as a person.  I have heard from new clients that the articles were helpful to them before they even walked in the door. Now that is effective advertising!”

Chris Lewis EdS, LPC
Individual, Couples and Family Therapy
Evergreen, Colorado

“I cannot sing the praises of advertising in Serenity enough! My business has doubled since I started writing advertorials. It always brings a humble smile when I hear the words, “I read your article in Serenity.” It has been a rewarding experience to share my expertise in my hometown. Thank you for providing this valuable resource to our local businesses.”

Heather Galaska
Social Media Maiden

“I just wanted to let you know how much the advertorial in Colorado Serenity has helped me over the years. The last time I ran numbers, I found that 17% of my new business came from folks that liked to read my articles. I have never done any kind of advertising that came close to those kind of results! You guys are the best to work with and I have so appreciated your support all these years!”

Dan Smith
Northpoint Mortgage

“I have been writing advertorials with Colorado Serenity for several years now. Serenity is THE magazine every foothills resident can’t wait to read each month, and advertising my business with them has been the best way to reach new clients, bar-none. I’ve worked with other advertising companies and newspapers before, but non compare to the professionalism, honesty and integrity. Serenity is easy to work with. They were a “no-brainer” when considering advertising my business. Thank you Serenity!”

Dr. Christina Fick–Licensed Acupuncturist, SAOM, MSAC, MSTCM, Dipl.Ac
Evergreen Medical Acupuncture

“The staff at Colorado Serenity is top notch. We advertise as an office every month.  A complicated billing situation was handled with grace and ease.  Turnaround times and responsiveness are also amazing.  I highly recommend advertising in Colorado Serenity.”

Rachel Mulvihill