The new year offers the opportunity for new beginnings, and while I am not a fan of making resolutions, there is value to a clean slate, a fresh start. If you are looking to improve your fitness level, outdoor recreation abounds in our community. Beyond that, Evergreen Park & Recreation offers two facilities, one on either side of town, where they have gyms, weights, classes and pools with swimming lanes. Soon to celebrate their one-year anniversary, Tabor and Laura Cowden have brought the Evergreen Athletic Club back to its old glory offering a variety of classes, free weights and machines, and lots of community gatherings for their members. If you prefer to work out one-on-one, check out EverFit20 for an effective, slow-motion strength training program designed to get you the best results in minimum time. Need low impact or mobility stretching? Evergreen Movement Studio will guide you through gentle movements for pain management and body mobility. If you prefer to get outside to enjoy the area parks and trails, be sure to download the Everything Evergreen app on your cellphone. You can access the trail maps on your phone for each of the area parks in the Play section of the app.

Are you looking to start a new routine of better self-care in 2024? Massage is found to provide multiple benefits to overall health including recovery from injury to deep relaxation. Massage can be a very personal experience and one that requires a deep amount of trust with your provider. The Evergreen Chamber recommends you consider the therapists at Grounded Massage, Essence Hair, Skin & Body, Evergreen Massage, Healing Traditions Bodywork, Metta Massage and Healing Arts, or TallGrass Spa & Salon. All these salons offer multiple forms of massage and other modalities.

Red light therapy and cryotherapy have both been found to alleviate chronic pain and improve recovery from injury, getting you back to doing what you enjoy most. The Light Lounge in Bergen Village provides 24-hour access to members to customize their therapy sessions, whether you are looking for improvements in your skin or anti-inflammatory and recovery-boosting effects for your joints. Restore Hyper Wellness, just down the hill in Applewood, offers cryotherapy, which can decrease inflammation and optimize your sleep, and IV therapy to help speed the recovery process infusing a liter of fluids filled with vitamins and minerals.

Upcoming Events:

Tuesday, Jan. 23, 4:30-5:30 pm
Connections and Cocktails
Location: Fountain Barbecue
Join us for a quick hour of networking. Free.

Monday, Jan. 22, 3-4:30 pm
Quarterly Nonprofit
Location: Mountain Resource Center
Join us for a speaker on “Nonprofit Board Management and Engagement.” Free.

Wednesday, Feb. 7, 7:30-9 am
Monthly Breakfast
Location: Fountain Barbecue
TOPIC: A panel on Funding Sources for
Your Business. Breakfast and networking.
Registration required or pay at the door.