A great team leads to success whether in a race or a work environment. Throughout 2020, we have all been together in a marathon called COVID-19. As your Evergreen Chamber president, I have proudly lead a fantastic team of staff, local businesses and county connections through a course with multiple elevation changes. It is not a sprint. It is truly a marathon race that none of us trained for, but we have risen to the challenge and will stay the course toward recovery.

You may have read in the newspaper that I am leaving the Chamber to move over to the management team at Mount Evans Home Health Care & Hospice to be the Director of Resource Development, Fundraising and Events. I have been honored to serve our business community for the last six years and look forward to now putting my efforts toward serving our residents. The need for home health care will continue to grow in the years to come as we all age in place, and I look forward to raising money to make sure that the opportunity for care exists for all of us.

As I said, COVID-19 has been a marathon that has required energy, perseverance and lots of teamwork. As I round the corner, it is now my time to pass the baton of leadership of the Evergreen Chamber. I am proud to announce that Nancy Judge, currently in charge of marketing, events and development at Evergreen Christian Outreach, will take our team to new heights starting September 18. Nancy spent over 20 years in the software industry before changing gears and applying her skills in relationship building, communications and strategic marketing to the nonprofit world. She is excited to take our business community to the finish line and on to future success in the years to come. I am thrilled to report that the Chamber is in excellent hands.

Nancy Judge, incoming President


COVID-19 is the marathon we did not sign up for that started for our local businesses back on Friday, March 13. Businesses and residents wonder when is this race going to end? Our habits have changed in response to COVID-19 and that change is having a serious impact on local business. We have all pulled back from self-care rituals and social gatherings during the marathon of this virus. Have you ever stopped to think what that means to our local businesses? No appointments equal no income. No sales equal no income. No income equals the layoff of key employees, which equals the possible closure of a business. It’s sobering to think of the domino effect that staying home has had on our local economy.

For 50 years, your Evergreen Chamber has had the pleasure of being a champion for local business. In honor of our birthday, we are spending $50 a day at a local establishment for the months of August and September. We encourage you to join us and spend even just a little money here in town. As I said, we WILL finish the COVID-19 marathon together. We WILL cross that finish line and celebrate when the time arrives that we are stronger together. We WILL NOT give up.

The Evergreen Chamber staff is here to assist you anytime you need a recommendation for a doctor, massage therapist, restaurant or retail store. Call our office, go to our website, follow us on Facebook and enjoy our mountain community to the fullest. And remember, our victory in the marathon will be sweeter if we stay together and work as a team to cross the finish line.

Again, it has been my pleasure to serve as president of the Evergreen Chamber and I look forward to following the success of Nancy Judge from my new role at Mount Evans Home Health Care & Hospice. Thank you all for your support of our amazing community. It does take a village.