Alexa Interiors Design Studio

By Amy J. Born

When Alexa Cowley bought Mountain Home from longtime owner Kay LaMontagne in 2018, she moved her business, Alexa Interiors, into the historic Mountain Home barn on Meadow Drive. It was a perfect fit.

Alexa Interiors, which opened in 2000, still keeps a lot of Alexa’s focus, but having the two businesses operating side-by-side opens a wealth of possibilities for clients.

“Alexa Interiors is the interior design side, which is the remodeling, renovation experience… you know, where hammers swing and the dust flies! Whereas Mountain Home focuses more on the soft side of design, like furniture and décor,” Alexa explained.

Alexa started her design business as a solo designer 21 years ago and since then, it has grown to include a team of four designers, an operations manager and two drafts people, which allows them to provide a full menu of design experiences. The drafting element really brings their design visions to life, with detailed renderings like the ones we see on HGTV.

People often shy away from hiring interior designers because they’re concerned about cost. Alexa explained that her team brings tangible value to their projects by using their experience in budgeting, material sourcing, and trade referrals. The main goal is to create wonderful spaces without any ‘do-overs,’ a struggle often faced by homeowners.

They ensure there are no mistakes in the room layout and traffic flow, the material selections, the way your spaces are used… they work closely with contractors—their own recommended tradespeople or yours—and manage the many decisions that come up. “We dig in to figure out the full picture of what our clients need. We are basically the Nancy Drews of the design process, digging and gathering all the facts,” Alexa laughed.

The AI team takes a lot of time getting to know their clients. Understanding the dynamics in the home is critical for a successful design. They design differently for a couple with no kids in their forever home versus a family with young kids who will grow and evolve in the space. “We look at how long you plan to be in your house, your potential ROI and make recommendations accordingly” Alexa explained.

The company’s holistic, personal approach to design has led to many long-term friendships with clients over the years. “When they love how their spaces turn out, they really do honor us by coming back for future projects; like when they downsize, get a place in the mountains, or recommend us to family and friends who move to town, it truly does mean a lot,” said Alexa.

The fun part of being the sister company to Mountain Home is that AI can slide right over to Mountain Home for help with furniture, bedding and artwork and take full advantage of all the goodies the home décor store has to offer!

If you are considering a remodel, Alexa suggests calling as soon as possible to get on the schedule. “Designers and contractors are really booked up this year and it could take a while before hammers start swinging, so give us a shout sooner rather than later!”

Alexa Interiors is located inside Mountain Home at 27965 Meadow Drive, Evergreen. 303.570.9434.