Nichole Totzke has been a hairstylist for more than 25 years, and she’s spent a good portion of that time in the mountain area, both as a resident and a professional. She has clients in Evergreen and Conifer, and now they will all come together in one place, with the grand opening of her beautiful new Freebird Hair Studio.

Nestled into the iconic adobe building at Hilltop, Freebird Hair Studio is a completely renovated, highly stylish hair studio that feels just like the sort of place you want to pass an afternoon of pampering. Nichole offers cuts, color, and most importantly, hair extensions!

“One of my best friends in Texas created a new hair extension method called the XO invisible weft,” Nichole explains. Freebird Hair Studio is fully certified in the process, and Nichole recommends it for anyone looking to add both length and volume. “The process isn’t as damaging as other extension methods. It’s all real virgin hair, all ethically-sourced. And compared to other extensions,” she adds, “it takes a fraction of the time. These extensions are quicker, easier and inexpensive!”

The XO invisible weft extensions are a highlight of the new Freebird Hair Studio, which has been an important and sentimental venture for Nichole.

“My grandmother and I were very close, best friends,” she says, “and when she passed away, she left me a little money—enough to get my first studio started.” In this new studio space, Nichole wanted to find a way to honor her grandmother’s memory, but she was having trouble determining a name. “One night, I was dead asleep, and just sat straight up in bed. That was when ‘Freebird’ came to me.” Nichole knew that it was her grandmother who had inspired her. “Most people assume it’s the Lynyrd Skynyrd song,” she laughs. “Great song—who doesn’t love that song? But Freebird is about my grandmother. She just loved hummingbirds, and after she passed away from Alzheimer’s, she was free. A free bird.”

In her new space, Nichole is free to do what she loves among people she enjoys. “I work part time—I’m a busy mom of four. We live in Conifer and I drive into Evergreen because I just love the space and the community I have here. I have clients who feel the same way and make the drive to Evergreen too,” Nichole says. “I grew up in a small town in Texas, and Evergreen has a small-town feel too. Everyone is tight-knit and, of course, the mountains are beautiful.”

Nichole is accepting new clients at Freebird, which is located at 3082 Evergreen Parkway, second floor, suite G. “Starting in the fall,” she adds, “I’ll be taking on even more clients for cuts, color and extensions. These extensions really are great for a busy lifestyle!” Nichole also retails Lanza and Unite products. “Unite can be hard to find up here, but before you drive down the hill, know—I’ve got it!”

To learn more about Freebird Hair Studio, visit or Nichole’s Facebook page, Or call for an appointment at 817.808.2760.