In our small community, we understand that living in the mountains might look different than it does in other places. From how we spend our time to how you run your household, there are adjustments to be made for long, more extreme seasons, visits from wildlife, and the beautiful but sometimes challenging nature that surrounds us.

Lori Dyche moved to Evergreen in 1991, and she recognized these differences right off-the-bat. She also recognized the needs these differences can create, especially for travelers, snowbirds or part-time residents to the area. “There are a lot of people who live here part time who don’t want to leave their homes unattended,” she explains. That was how she began Evergreen Home Concierge, a full-service home care business that caters to homeowners who need watchful eyes on their homes.

“The majority of my clients are snowbirds and people who have second homes, plus a few that have recently purchased but don’t plan to move in immediately,” says Lori. These residents are aware of the concerns that come with mountain living and understand the value of someone to call on. Lori offers a lot of services to these customers when they are away from their mountain homes. “I check the utility room, run the water, check that all doors and windows are locked, that there are no signs of animal intrusions or pests, check propane tank levels, bring in the mail, water plants, and whatever else people need.” These basic services offer a great deal of peace of mind to customers of Evergreen Home Concierge.

Sometimes, however, Lori’s services are needed far beyond a simple home check. “A lot of homes up here have baseboard heat,” she explains, offering an example. “That’s water in every room of your house. If there’s a leak, the sooner someone sees a problem, the better.” This has especially been the case for some of Lori’s part-time clients who don’t yet have a handle on the differences in mountain living. “They might be coming from warmer places and don’t know that you leave your heat on in the winter, even when you’re gone, or how often you fill up a propane tank.” If there is an issue, Lori has a long list of repairmen and other professionals whom she can meet at the property to triage an emergency.

Evergreen Home Concierge steps in for the unexpected, and Lori’s reputation as a reliable expert has moved beyond home care when homeowners are away. “Because I’ve lived here for so long, I know mountain homes,” she says. “There’s a lot you can do to make your home safer.” Some clients will even call on Lori before purchasing a home, seeking her keen eye and expertise. “I give advice about opting for forced air instead of a boiler, or looking for a home that has a south-facing driveway.”

Lori raised her children in Evergreen and has lived in her home for 32 years. She knows the community and its needs inside and out. She says, “My references and my knowledge speak for themselves.”

Learn more about Evergreen Home Concierge at, but really, Lori prefers a phone call. “You get to know someone better on the phone than through an email or over text. And then even better when you meet face-to-face.” Call Lori with Evergreen Home Concierge at 303.517.6180.