The beauty of small-town living in the mountains is in the people who commit to this beautiful place as both their home and their place of business.

Stephen LaGreca is one such example, finding his way into local business as a teenager, when he started plowing snow in the winter months for a mountain area contractor: Pete Helseth of Evergreen’s Helseth Construction. The next year, Helseth brought him on for year-round services, including remodeling and structural repairs, developing a loyalty to his home and a love for craftsmanship.

“I learned all I know about building from Pete,” says Stephen. “He will always have a special place in my heart.” Helseth passed away last May, and LaGreca’s hardworking ethos is a testimony to the care and mentorship Pete showed to Stephen.

In 2007, Stephen launched his own local business, LaGreca Construction, to continue the tradition he’d established at such a young age: serving his beloved hometown with high-quality work and other services necessary for mountain living. From remodeling and custom carpentry to snow removal, Stephen LaGreca understands the mountain area needs because this is where he grew up, and it is where he learned his craft.

In the winter, LaGreca Construction offers snow removal for commercial properties. Year-round, LaGreca also takes on construction projects including remodeling and custom carpentry services, known for the signature touches he brings to each creation. “When it comes to quality work,” Stephen says, “experience is everything.” Experience he has in spades, and he ensures that his team members possess the same training and careful attention to detail. LaGreca works in all areas of home construction and has completed kitchen remodels, deck builds and full home additions, bringing the same level of work to every project, no matter how big or small.

But even beyond the proof of the work, Stephen LaGreca’s superior services are best known by his reputation. Since inception, LaGreca Construction has operated on a word-of-mouth basis, and is busy booking projects on a regular basis. Local residents who have worked with LaGreca are happy to share their experiences and recommend all of Stephen’s services to their friends and neighbors.

“When you’re servicing a small community, word-of-mouth is everything. That’s how you stay in business,” Stephen says. “I keep a close personal relationship with each customer so they are happy with my work and spread the word. I have developed some of the greatest friendships out of these customer relationships.”

And LaGreca’s customers are pleased indeed. His local customers speak of his long-term relationship building, thorough work, and reliability. Snow removal is an especially tough job during epic mountain snowstorms, but his clients say, “He always manages a smile even when the weather conditions aren’t the best.” They speak about his self-motivation, his knowledge and trustworthiness, and his commitment to good work in a timely fashion.

Soon, LaGreca will also add excavation to their list of high-quality offerings. Whether to clear land of fire hazards or to prepare for a larger construction project, LaGreca can meet your excavation needs and expectations in a manner consistent with the rest of their services.

If you have a home remodel or construction project in the works, or if you’re in need of excavation or snow removal services, consider the local knowledge and high-quality experience of LaGreca Construction. To reach Stephen for snow removal or a home renovation project, call 303.902.1718.