The Crystal Cowgirl is a long-established business in the Evergreen area, but the idea of the place is so much more than a clothes shop. “I used to go into the store just to chat with Crystal. Now sometimes people come in to chat with me—just shop around while we’re talking,” says Celeste Hale, who has owned Crystal Cowgirl, a western-inspired consignment shop near Evergreen Lake, since January 2021. Crystal Harnden opened Crystal Cowgirl 13 years ago, and Celeste has carried on the spirit of her vision.

“Western wear is what sets us apart from other consignment shops. It’s what we specialize in, especially boots and southwestern jewelry, but we’re not just western brands. We’ve got a little bit of everything,” Celeste explains. “The thing about a consignment shop is that you can find something unique or incredibly high-end for a little less money. It’s not like going to the mall. We’ve got high-end brands Like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Johnny Was, Anthropologie, Sundance and Free People, plus furs and unique vintage pieces.” Crystal Cowgirl has one-of-a-kind items that are perfect for a special occasion or just a means to express your individuality. “Recently, I sold a 1950s leather jacket with a 1969 painting of the Grateful Dead. And I sold another fringe jacket from the ’70s with the original concert poster from Jethro Tull and YES!”

These items are not only meaningful to the customers who score them. They’re also an expression of Celeste’s personality. “I’m old-school—no Alexa or Siri. I play vinyl or CDs [in the shop], fulfilling my DJ fantasy. People get a kick out of my turntable and vinyl collection. I have everything from ’70s rock and country/bluegrass to Tony Bennett and Billy Holiday,” she says.

Celeste is unique and invites her customers to be the same—or maybe to try on something new. “I love dressing up. And women here tell me, ‘I don’t get out anymore. I don’t have anything to dress up for.’ I dress up to go to the grocery store! And people will comment on my clothes. When someone does find something at my shop, they’ll tell me later how many compliments they receive.”

While the ethos of Crystal Cowgirl says a lady can dress up anytime, Celeste especially loves helping customers with a special event in mind. “I love putting together outfits, especially for western weddings or rodeo events. Ladies come in with a plain dress, not even necessarily in a western style, and we accessorize it. Cowboy boots go with anything,” she says.

Crystal Cowgirl is a fulcrum of community for many women in the mountain area, and Celeste says that she has regular customers who visit all the time. “They come in to consign things. And they want to use store credit to buy new things right away!” But this sense of care and community reaches beyond a shopping fix or some girl-talk. Celeste has also helped families through difficult times, when a loved one has passed and the estate must be sorted. “A relative will call and say, ‘My mom had incredible style,’ and we’ll find special pieces that we can sell in the shop, and they keep going that way.” Often, Celeste says, when items don’t sell at the end of season, sellers will just ask Celeste to donate. “I donate to the Evergreen Animal Protective League or EChO, and then the clothes become a part of that good work too.”

Still, there’s no denying that Evergreen has its fair share of tourism, as well. This, Celeste welcomes, and sees it as an extension of community. “I love being by the lake and meeting people. Tourists come from all over. They like to find a hat or cowboy boots to wear to a Red Rocks show or to take home as a souvenir. My shop has become a special destination for people from out of town.”

You can learn more about Crystal Cowgirl online at, or follow along on Facebook or Instagram at @crystalcowgirlconsignment—which is a great idea for spotting new items or special upcoming events.