Since 2012, Evergreen Medical Acupuncture has been offering science-backed acupuncture services to mountain-area residents in a customized, state-of-the-art clinic. After a decade of helping patients with injuries, PTSD, fertility or hormonal concerns, and chronic conditions, this summer, Evergreen Medical Acupuncture announced a second location in Conifer.

“We did an audit on our business and realized that more than 30 percent of our customers were driving [to Evergreen] from Conifer, Pine, Bailey or even further,” says Dr. Christina Fick, owner of Evergreen Medical Acupuncture. “I didn’t want them to have to drive all the way into Evergreen for treatment, especially with all the traffic. We’ve been so thankful for the people in Conifer.”

This new location is just one addition to a comprehensive list of new services available to all mountain-area residents, and Evergreen Medical Acupuncture has been focused on community outreach, hoping to help as many people as they can. Most recently, Evergreen Medical Acupuncture, who works with some insurance providers to cover acupuncture services, has added Medicare to that list. “We were one of the first clinics in Colorado—and one of just a handful in the country—to be able to accept Medicare. It is a complicated application process for an acupuncture clinic, and it took over two years, so this is a special thing. Medicare patients can get a minimum of 12 treatments, sometimes even at no cost, depending on their plan,” says Dr. Fick. However, it is important to note that, at this time, Medicare only covers chronic low back pain. This can include regular back pain, sciatica, and hip pain associated with low back pain. The clinic is happy to answer any questions regarding this.

“We were one of the first clinics in Colorado—and one of just a handful in the country—to be able to accept Medicare.”

“We also service veterans and take VA/Tricare. Veterans with a referral often get a substantial amount of acupuncture treatment for any condition approved by their doctor at no cost to them. We see veterans for a variety of issues including service-related injuries, chronic pain and PTSD,” continues Dr. Fick. Service providers also include some Medicaid patients, and Evergreen Medical Acupuncture works closely with patients to understand the qualifications. “While this isn’t for all Medicaid patients, under the Health and Community Based Program, which just expanded to include Jefferson County, applicants experiencing severe disabilities can apply for acupuncture coverage, as well as accompanying expenses like transportation to acupuncture appointments.”

In an effort to expand accessibility, Evergreen Medical Acupuncture has also worked to include United Healthcare in the clinic’s list of service providers. “We accept United Healthcare policies including Medicare Advantage plans that fall under United Healthcare. We found that many of these plans have done a wonderful job at adding acupuncture services to their policyholders.”

By expanding insurance programs and locations, Evergreen Medical Acupuncture is hoping to reach more of the mountain-area community with acupuncture services, which, when implemented with their medical-based approach, benefits a whole host of patients. Evergreen Medical Acupuncture’s services run the spectrum, including medical procedures like injury treatment, fertility treatment, labor induction and dry needling, as well as cosmetic services such as microneedling, injections and scar treatments. “All of our providers are highly-trained, highly-educated and have worked in hospitals—and this is what most sets us apart,” shares Dr. Fick, adding that, while some services do vary depending on coverage or office location, patients can explore their insurance plans to find the provider who best fits their needs and coverage. All of Evergreen Medical Acupuncture’s service providers are experts in their field. “We have some of the country’s most educated licensed acupuncturists. We hire only Doctors of Acupuncture who have an additional year or more of a clinical doctorate. This experience makes a huge difference to patient outcomes.”

Evergreen Medical Acupuncture’s practitioners’ services:

• Dr. Fick specializes in autoimmune conditions, functional medicine and sports medicine including dry needling and injections.

• Dr. Jill Zundelevich is a cosmetic and fertility specialist, whose specialties include cosmetics, infertility, women’s health, insomnia and menopause, as well as PTSD and chronic pain for VA patients.

• Dr. Jen Kralowetz is an orthopedic acupuncturist, focusing on chronic pain, fibromyalgia, headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, sports injuries and cancer treatment support.

• Dr. Jordan Wheeler’s focus includes injections, pain management, internal medicine and men’s health.

(This is not an exhaustive list and you can check with each practioner for a full list of services.)

Evergreen Medical Acupuncture is set apart not only by their qualified providers but also by shared values rooted in science. “Evergreen Medical Acupuncture is different because we utilize only those treatments that we know work because they are backed by scientific research. Actually, that’s our tagline: ‘We only do research-backed treatments,’” states Dr. Fick.

When it comes to a 5,000-year-old medicine like acupuncture, some of the traditional methodologies and treatment strategies are more speculative or theoretical—information passed down from one generation of practitioners to the next. A medical approach to acupuncture relies on research and the solutions discovered through scientific data, then it applies those findings individually, based on a patient’s needs or condition. Dr. Fick clarifies: “Over the years, researchers have discovered what happens when we use a particular style of needle at a particular insertion point, while monitoring on an MRI. So, when we use a needle, we actually know what’s happening to the body and its biochemistry.” This commitment to research-backed practice gives patients confidence that their treatment is up-to-date and effective, while calming fears they may have about acupuncture as a whole. “As with any medicine, our understanding of the body, its anatomy and physiology, makes our treatments safer and more effective. By using a more integrative approach to an ancient, holistic method, we can work seamlessly with primary care providers, physical therapists and other partners in our patients’ health goals.”

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