Mountain Home Entertainment is a long-established mountain area business, and that’s intentional. When Bill Thompson founded his company in 1985, he thought the mountain environment was a thriving community that required commitment from its business owners, showing up and completing the job amidst the rugged terrain, in all seasons. “We don’t want to be a fly-by-night business. I picked a tough environment and made the decision to stay—followed an educational process along with the product. This is our underlying mission.”

What began as a venture in large satellite dishes transitioned to hot tubs. “Both products require a lot of manpower and a knowledge of electronics,” he says. But hot tubs definitely win out in longevity, especially in the mountains. “They’re popular here because they can be used year-round. Even in the summer months, it cools down at night, and it feels good.”

It’s easy to slip into a warm, inviting hot tub and let your stress melt away. Ironically, what is a simple pleasure for the user is actually incredibly complex. “Our service technicians must be able to be five things,” explains Bill. “First, they’re a carpenter, able to get inside your hot tub—and then put it back together the way it was before, looking nice. Second, they’re a plumber, looking for leaks and pipe issues. Third, there’s the matter of electrical savvy. Next, they have to be a water chemist, or else they’ll miss most of the problems. And finally, they have to be communicators, able to diagnose the issues or needs from an owner’s description.” Hot tubs are electrically and mechanically complicated, and it is important to rely on an expert company like Mountain Home Entertainment, with more than 30 years’ experience in the industry.

Then there is the matter of owning a hot tub in the mountains, which is a different endeavor, especially at installation. Mountain Home Entertainment has that covered too. “We do a lot more crane deliveries than someone in the city, where you just open a gate and roll the hot tub into the backyard,” says Bill. “And up here, there are a lot of wells that can’t fill a hot tub, so we have water hauled in.” Because of these extra considerations, Mountain Home Entertainment previews every job beforehand and crafts a detailed plan with the homeowner. With expectations set, most hot tubs can be installed in two to three hours.

Mountain Home Entertainment makes every consideration when it comes to the install process. “Our deal right now is that every full install comes with a cover lifter and steps,” explains Bill. These conveniences make the hot tub experience more enjoyable, but also safer. For example, the included cover lifter ensures that one person can easily remove and return the cover of the hot tub alone.

“There are a lot of considerations,” Bill says, “but we make people as aware of that as we can. We ask how many people will be using it. If they want a lounger, it takes up a whole side of the tub but you get the leg jets.” Mountain Home Entertainment asks specific but important questions because there are so many variables. “And keep in mind, these things last 20-30 years,” Bill adds.

A hot tub from Mountain Home Entertainment will last a lifetime—and for the foreseeable future Mountain Home Entertainment will be in the mountain area to assist. “I would retire, but it’s just too fun doing what I’m doing,” says Bill. “But my son, Kirk, has been working for me since he was 16, my heir apparent. And I guarantee you, he’s the best of anyone at what he does. I’ve never seen anyone better at this than he is.”

Mountain Home Entertainment has locations in both Evergreen and Conifer. Call 303.838.1000 or visit for additional information.