Mountain area residents are often bombarded with messaging about tree trimming and fire mitigation, and when it comes to taking action, it can seem overwhelming. To alleviate the pressure and to make sure the job is done right, it is important to work with a qualified, professional team like Elk Mountain Tree Services.

Steve Neis founded his company in 2017, and has spent the last five years working from Pine to Genesee. Elk Mountain Tree Services offers everything from tree trimming to full-scale, multi-acre fire mitigation. “We feel extremely blessed to work in a community that has supported us and welcomed us,” says Neis. “We feel a part of the community and it has been important for the business and the growth of the business.”

The sense of community and commitment has been integral to Neis’s business model. Unlike some industry competitors, Elk Mountain Tree Services’s team has remained consistent over the years. “There can be a lot of turnover in this industry,” Neis says. He hired his foreman, Dave Chrisman, in 2017, and when customers call, they ask for him by name. “Being able to get from where we started to where we are today, it’s a big deal. And it revolves around my crew. I’m nothing as just one guy.” He adds, “When it comes down to it, we all want to raise our families in this beautiful place, and knowing that we are able to do that, to keep everyone busy—it means a lot.”

Elk Mountain Tree Services tends to each customer property with precision and professionalism from start to finish. Neis and his team understand that the service is about quality work, but also contributing to the sense of community that has made the business what it is. Clients like Annette and David say, “Elk Mountain Tree Services is the most professional, honest and efficient company we have had the pleasure to work with. The job was done on time at a reasonable price by good people.”

Every mountain resident will need to mitigate for fire at some point. Neis says the tells are easy: “You don’t want trees touching your house. You really don’t want trees within 30 feet of the house. And you want to look for ladder fuels, which are branches that are close to the ground,” he says. “But these are things that the average homeowner isn’t necessarily trained to look for. We can assess your property and we offer free estimates, so if you have concerns—even if you’re just curious—we can come out and take a look.” Neis adds that there are certified forester resources available, and Elk Mountain Tree Services works with these foresters on residential and large-scale projects for complete, careful mitigation.

Though summer is waning, fire mitigation can be done at any time. Neis conducts assessments and bids every week, and customers can call to book future work far in advance. Once you’ve mitigated your property, the maintenance becomes easier, Neis assures. “Maintaining a clean area around your home, removing debris around your gutters and stacking firewood away from your house are little steps that make a big difference,” he says. Residents looking for an initial mitigation, technical tree removal or large-scale mitigation can reach Elk Mountain Tree Services at 720.722.0699. For glowing customer reviews and additional information, visit

“Starting a business can be intimidating. We started small and built from the ground up,” says Neis. “To be able to do this work and raise my family here, it feels like a big deal. It feels like a dream. We’re extremely grateful to the community.”