This month, I’m afraid I don’t have enough words in me to make a whole column. We’ve had an out-of-state family health crisis going on, and with managing that and trying to get this issue out, I have learned a lot about the reserves one seems to be able to tap into during times of extreme stress.

Though I make no guarantees as to the quality of editing in this issue, I certainly gave it every effort I could muster under the circumstances! That said, here’s what I learned about managing my own stress under sometimes impossible conditions.

Take Time During the Day to Meditate or Read Positive Affirmations for Stress Relief

Here is a list of a few good affirmations to read to yourself or meditate on:
—All is well
—This very moment is calm
—I can leave my worries behind, even if for a moment
—I am pure light and love, as are we all
—I have all I need to be happy
—I release my tension and negative feelings
—I am grateful for life