When Gary Hodge began his plumbing business in 1982, he printed some homemade fliers and went door-to-door introducing himself to the mountain community. He couldn’t have known then that he would formally found Hodge Plumbing in 1988, that in less than 20 years, his son, Luke, would join him, or that by the year 2023, Hodge Plumbing would be one of the oldest remaining area businesses in the industry to still be run by its founding family. He simply wanted to build a reputation of skilled work, integrity and honesty.

Begin with sound values and they will last a lifetime. Today, Gary and Luke Hodge, both master plumbers, serve the mountain area with the same “work hard, work honest” approach. “We always make sure to do the best thing for the customer,” says Luke. “We’re not selling a gimmick or something people don’t need. We give them the best experience and a solution for their problem.”

Hodge Plumbing serves customers’ plumbing, heating and drain cleaning needs, offering both emergency services as well as preventative maintenance. This includes routine checks of machinery and piping, but it also integrates customer education. “As long as the customer wants to hear it, my big thing is education. I try to break things down into [layman’s] terms, [from something as simple as] here’s how you shut off your water, here’s where you turn off the gas, here’s a tip for maximizing the life of your garbage disposal,” Luke says. “We teach preventative maintenance. The things you can do on your own, watch out for on your own, maybe a subtle warning before you have a major issue.”

At the same time, both Hodges are regularly educating themselves to ensure they are the best in the business. When you book Hodge plumbing, they’ll straight-shoot the issue—and that includes offering the best advice when something goes awry. “Plumbing has simplistic parts, and there are complicated parts,” Luke explains, emphasizing that it’s important to work with a licensed plumber if the issue is beyond your depth. “It can be easy to get something messed up and do a lot of damage to your house.”

Part of being established in a tight-knit community, for the Hodges, is being good community members whenever they can. They run an honest, straightforward business, where being neighborly is norm. From understanding payment plans to part-time work for friends or family in a bind, Gary and Luke believe that their business isn’t just for them—it’s for the community. Luke, who grew up here, left for college, but made his way back, says, “You get a heart for the community and the things that are going on. There’s a sense of pride, being involved.” Hodge Plumbing is a regular sponsor of the Evergreen Rodeo and other events around town as well.

Gary Hodge is still active with business operations, and it’s Luke who has moved out into the field. He has nearly 20 years of plumbing experience under his belt, and plans to keep on servicing his hometown in his father’s footsteps. “Evergreen was such a great community to grow up in,” Luke adds.
“I want to carry on the legacy that my dad started with our business. I want to help people, and I want to give back to the community that gave to me growing up.”

To learn more about Hodge Plumbing and their broad range of services, visit the newly designed website at hodgeplumbing.com or call to schedule an appointment at 303.674.6789.