Launching a business 25 years ago was as natural for Wendy Lami as was her inherent sense of style. “My background is in fine art and fashion, and I always did a lot of sewing for myself,” she says, “and eventually it got to the point where people were coming to me and asking me to design for them.” It was the perfect moment to blend knowledge, hobby and business, and before long, Wendy’s design repertoire had expanded to include anything that shapes the heart of a home. “I’ve always had a love of fabrics. I started with small items like pillows and bedding. Then I moved on to drapes. My interest is in making a home more comfortable and cozy.”

Wendy Lami Material Things is based in Evergreen and offers in-home consultations for any fabric in the home, specializing in window treatments. “I like to come in and problem-solve for my clients. I really enjoy the design process, the color selection, working with people. It’s nice to help them beautify their homes,” she says. Wendy works directly with mountain area clients, as well as with interior designers who have clients in many different locations. “I come in at the end of the design process and get to put the icing on the cake.”

In mountain-inspired homes, this can include a lot of different designs. “We still see a lot of neutrals going on, and you can add pops of color with pillows and bedding—even your drapes. Sheers are very popular as well, and we’ve come a long way with sheer textures and patterns. Often my clients don’t want to block their outdoor view. Sheers enhance and warm a space while still bringing the outdoors in,” Wendy explains.

While home fabrics are a huge piece of the design puzzle, window treatments serve many functions as well. “You’ve got to protect your furniture, flooring, artwork. You may not want to cover your windows, but you need to protect your belongings. Our Colorado sun is very intense,” Wendy explains. Window treatments are an effective way to shade your interiors from sun damage, and they also insulate your home against weather and sound. “Fabric is a visual aesthetic, but it keeps cold and heat out around drafty windows, and manages sound levels. It really serves a purpose.”

As a certified Hunter Douglas vendor, she is familiar with the modern, high-quality options available for window treatments that will safeguard your home interior without minimizing style. “We’re not doing heavy drapes or big swags. Everything is lightened up and more minimal than it used to be. You can frame your window without making it look heavy,” she says.

Window treatments add a lot of luxury to the home as well, especially with the motorization of shades and drapery hardware. “You could be in bed and not want to get up, so you click a button or use an app on your phone to open your window treatments. You can also use timers or ‘scenes,’ which program your window treatments to open automatically as the sun rises and close as the sun sets,” she adds.

Homeowners looking to beautify their home with high-quality, functional window treatments can learn more about Wendy’s work at She will schedule an in-home consultation to learn about your home’s style and needs with expert assessment. “I’ve been an Evergreen resident for 25 years and I know the area well,” she says. Reach out to Wendy at 303.679.1587 or email