It goes without saying that in homeownership, one will encounter something for which they do not have the proper equipment. Say it doubly for homeownership in the mountains, where the environment presents extra challenges. And while to take on these challenges, you could always wander the aisles at a big box home improvement store, doesn’t it seem a nicer option to shop local, from a local who understands mountain living?

Evergreen Rentals has been a part of the community for more than three decades. Ned and Kate Higgins, who moved to Evergreen in 2006, purchased the business in April 2016. “I spent 32 years in corporate America, driving in five days a week. I hit my third downturn in the industry and I thought, that’s enough. I’m going to do something different,” says Ned. Having lived in the mountain area for 10 years already, he was well-equipped to answer his new customers’ questions and continue the community tradition. “I didn’t set out to own a rental business, but we met a lot of people through the business—some who have been coming in for 10 or 20 years. It’s been nice to make those relationships.”

The business focuses primarily on serving a small-town market, for both homeowners and contractors. “We’re a bit space-constrained, but I try to have most everything a homeowner might need, and a substantial portion of what a contractor might need up here,” Ned explains. This includes an extensive inventory of tools and equipment, from air tools and compaction equipment, to saws and drills and other power tools, generators, earth movers, pressure washers, trailers, and even welding equipment. “I have a lot of dialogue with my customers; ask them what they need that we don’t have.”

“The main thing is,” Kate adds, “we focus on the quality of the equipment. We’re not going to send out something that’s not high-quality.”

Evergreen Rentals with Machinery

Aside from rentals, Evergreen Rentals is also both a Husqvarna and Stihl warranty and service center, lending a hand to homeowners who own their tools but still may be in need of assistance.

“We get a fair number of people who just need advice, too,” Ned says. “And I’m always as interested in helping someone as I am in renting them something.” When renting tools and machinery from Evergreen Rentals, it’s best to touch base with Ned or one of his team members. There may be an easier way to accomplish your goals.

On top of tools and home improvement equipment, Evergreen Rentals also has a significant party rentals department. “We do a lot of weddings,” Kate says. “Plates, tables, silverware, linens, everything you could need.” Evergreen Party Rentals promises efficient service, prompt delivery, and a professional demeanor to make your events worry-free. “As Ned says, it’s like landing a plane—you want to make sure it’s perfect and that it can’t be messed up,” laughs Kate.

Both arms of Evergreen rentals have online inventories so that you can search for what you need, but the easy-going, in-person customer service gets you even further, with the neighborly feel that is part of its mountain charm. Both Ned and Kate and their staff are intent on setting you up with what you need, even if it means finding a different solution. “I do my best to work something out, even if it comes down to there might be a better place for you to go,” Ned promises.