“I want to treat my patients like they’re my friends and my family,” says Dr. Ken LeVos. “I’m trying to deliver the kind of dentistry to my patients that I would want for myself.” For 20 years, this is the ethos by which Dr. LeVos has built his dental practice. It has not gone unnoticed: 5280 Magazine has named him a “Top Dentist” in the metro area since 2010—and we have him right here in the Evergreen community.

Dr. LeVos and his family have lived in Evergreen since 2007, drawn to the foothills by a love of playing outdoors, and he is active in the Evergreen Chamber of Commerce and the Evergreen Rotary Club. His commitment to the community is a demonstration of that familiar, dedicated level of service that he delivers to his patients.

“There is such a reward and satisfaction in helping change someone’s life, in helping them be healthier. In giving them confidence and a better smile,” he says. “That’s special to me. That kind of trust from a person is not taken for granted.”

Dr. Ken LeVos

Dr. LeVos’s office offers cosmetic, implant, restorative and general dental services. His commitment to quality for his customers is apparent in the research and training behind each of the services offered. “There is a lot that goes into it,” he explains. “These services aren’t commodities. I spend a tremendous amount of time trying to get better and move forward.” For LeVos, this includes more than 1600 hours of additional training, as well as memberships with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, the American Dental Association, the Academy of General Dentistry, the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, the Pierre Fauchard Academy, the Colorado Dental Association and the Metropolitan Denver Dental Society.

In particular, Dr. LeVos has dedicated many of his training hours to cosmetic dentistry, especially developing smiles that are catered to each patient in a natural, healthy way. “I often have patients who say they don’t want veneers because they look fake,” says LeVos. “That has to do with how they’re done. We partner with some amazing labs and ceramists so the results look beautiful and natural. It takes a lot of training and planning to achieve such results.”

The medicine and science behind cosmetic dentistry cannot be overlooked. “It’s a lot harder if you’re starting with a bad foundation,” says LeVos, which is why he works with patients to maintain good oral health, whether or not they’re ready to begin cosmetic procedures. “We respect the biology; we have to be based in science—otherwise it’s not going to work.”

But Dr. LeVos is also distinguished by his artistic eye. Esthetic and cosmetic dentistry requires seeing the details that make teeth unique, as well as the symmetry of the face. They have to work in harmony. “You have to train your eyes to see the artistic elements you are trying to create,” he explains. “If you can’t see it, you can’t recreate it.”

Part of “seeing it” is working closely with patients to determine their goals and expectations. “We want to have the end in mind and I have to understand someone’s goals. Then we can work toward it. My work is driven by what patients want, and then we work toward those goals together.”

LeVos Dentistry is accepting new patients. To learn more about Dr. LeVos and the services offered through LeVos Dentistry, visit levosdentistry.com or call 303.674.5725.