Genesis Total Exteriors

“Genesis Total Exteriors’ longevity is due to delivering above average quality to customers, getting jobs done on time and on budget.

Genesis Total Exteriors is a locally owned, full-service contractor specializing in roofing, painting, siding, stucco, windows and gutters. Having lived in Evergreen for 19 years, owner Mark Schymanski is quite familiar with the toll the sun, wind, snow and extreme temperatures take on the exteriors of our homes. He’s made it his business to know how to protect your home and help it last.

Mark started Genesis as a painting company in 1999. “People started to ask us to do more things, so we expanded into construction,” he said. “My father and grandfather are both contractors. It’s in my blood.” He went on to get trained in insurance restoration and got his general contractor license.

Genesis Total Exteriors’ longevity is due to delivering above average quality to customers, getting jobs done on time and on budget. “We do our best to provide what our customers expect when you work on their home,” he said.

Many people come here for the sun and the snow, but the weather here is tough on siding, roofs and windows, and homeowners do express concerns about preserving the exterior of their homes. Mark advises that preparation and use of the proper products is especially important. Contractors from down the hill might not understand how extreme the conditions are in this area. “What you’d use in Denver is different from what works best in Evergreen. Don’t use a typical Denver house paint.”

Mark recommends purchasing the right kind of windows for these conditions as well. Vinyl and wood windows, for example, don’t do well with our sun and moisture. And with so many homes at risk for wildfires, a roof that is Class A fire rated is necessary here, although it is not in Denver.



Homes in the mountains require regular maintenance to keep them looking and performing their best. “Trim branches that overhang your roof and siding because they can cause damage on windy days and, due to the intense sun, you have to paint or stain more frequently at this elevation,” he added.

For easier maintenance, Mark recommends converting cedar siding to stucco. “It makes the house fire resistant and keeps the birds out,” he said. “It’s fashionable—stucco and stone are huge right now. It can be mountain contemporary, or mountain rustic with timbers inside the stucco. We have a great hard coat stucco product and experienced crews to install it.”

Mark and his wife have two sons who graduated from Evergreen High School and now attend college in Colorado. On the weekends, Mark is a ski coach for younger kids at Winter Park.

Genesis Total Exteriors is located off 6th Avenue and Indiana in Golden. 303.679.8509 or visit