By Amy J. Born

Pam and Jeff Gilbert have been brightening people’s days with flowers since 1987 when they purchased The Holly Berry. The Holly Berry is a full-service florist that carries the largest selection of fresh flowers and plants in the Evergreen area. They can accommodate same-day deliveries from Bailey to Black Hawk, if local orders are placed by 1 pm and out-of-state orders are placed by noon local time.

Two main events that typically require flowers, weddings and funerals, have changed over the years. While the majority of weddings used to take place in a church, Pam said that is rare these days. Many people choose Evergreen as a destination wedding location and have their ceremonies outdoors. Sites like the Evergreen Lake House have made this a popular choice for locals as well. Casket pieces used to be a big part of their business, but no longer as traditional burials have been replaced with cremations. Sympathy deliveries to the home have increased, however.

Since the coronavirus hit, people have been sending more flowers to elderly family members they are unable to visit. Flowers and plants were big for Mother’s Day and graduations this year as well, since most people were unable to celebrate in person. The shop has been making non-contact deliveries since March. The staff will call to make sure someone is home, so the deer and elk won’t eat the flowers and so they do not freeze in the cold.

The Holly Berry has a great, experienced staff on hand who love to assist customers. Everyone there is a designer who can help you choose the right flowers based on the person’s preferences and tastes, what looks great together, and what makes the most sense for the time of year and temperature so the flowers you invest in last as long as possible. “Our cooler is open to anyone. You can choose what you like, have it wrapped up and take it home. Friday Flower Market, when we offer stems out of our cooler at half price, is from 2-5 every Friday,” Pam added.

Buying from an area business directly helps the local economy. Whenever possible, The Holly Berry contacts local florists at the destination their customers ship to as well, helping local businesses everywhere. Ordering from a local florist also avoids the huge online wire fees. When placing an order, ask what they have in stock that is fresh today and what will last.

“What I like best about the shop is that it is different every day. We’ve enjoyed being part of the downtown Evergreen community for the past 33 years,” said Pam.

The Holly Berry shares the Evergreen National Bank parking lot in downtown Evergreen. Hours are 9-5 Monday through Friday and 9-4 on Saturday. Please visit or call 303.674.4821.