If the pandemic has taught us anything over the last few years, it’s to be present in the moment and to savor every bit of time we have. For me, I have found ways to do that by really listening to my gut in all situations, keeping my social circle small and discriminate, and remembering that whatever I project is what I will attract. 

I feel like it has never been more important than now to listen to your instincts and intuition regarding what is best for you (and your family), rather than to blindly follow popular notions or trends. If your gut is screaming at you that something/someone is not for you, it’s usually a good idea to pay attention. How many times in your life have you looked back and said to yourself, “If only I had listened to those voices in my head warning me not to do that!” I can definitely say there were those times for me. Of course they all become opportunities for lessons and growth, but then so does listening to your intuition. That inner guidance can be wise! 

I try to remember to sit with my thoughts and feelings on any given circumstance and see how they make me feel before automatically reacting or acting upon things. Mentally asking myself questions helps. I go through the list as I sit and let my thoughts steep: Does the situation or subject matter make you angry or fearful? Does it make you anxious? Does it give you peace? I try to allow myself the time to let the feelings settle and percolate a bit, and then react accordingly and make my choices based on my intuition rather than ignoring that and just crashing on with life. It’s about being more deliberate, I suppose. 

There are times that being on autopilot and ignoring your inner thoughts works on occasion to get you through short-term, intense situations, but it’s no way to live on an ongoing basis. You can’t shut out nagging thoughts and feelings for long stretches at a time and be mentally healthy—much less have your life go well. Or at least I can’t! 

Another way I try to facilitate this slower, more deliberate and present state of mind is by keeping that which doesn’t serve me at a minimum. That could mean toxic things or people, or just excess. Removing the excess in your life can be extremely freeing and I have done a lot of purging in the last few years. Try it! It leaves room for you to really enjoy what remains. 

Whatever you do, never be afraid to choose what you know is right for you. You can stand steadfast in your choices while remaining a positive example to everyone in your life. And you can choose joy and happiness every morning when you wake up along with all the other choices you make that you know to be right for you. Project what you want to attract and you can’t go wrong. 

The holiday season naturally favors savoring moments with friends and family. Maybe we should carry the trend that the pandemic showed us of a slower paced, savor-the-moment attitude on into the new year and beyond! 

Happiest of holidays and a peaceful and healthy new year to you all.