Evergreen Bicycle Outfitters has been a mainstay for the Evergreen cycling community for nearly 20 years. Having opened its doors in 2002, the shop changed hands in 2006 when Tony Song purchased the business and subsequently moved the shop from Bergen Park to its current location in El Rancho Town Center in 2009. Evergreen Bicycle Outfitters, or “EBO” as it’s fondly known, has been happily connecting with and serving cyclists of all abilities and ages and that is reflected in the varied inventory of bicycles that ranges from toddlers’ scoot bikes to the highest-end road/mountain/gravel/e-bikes available. The shop sells and services all types of bicycles, but does not cater to a particular niche like some shops “down the hill” tend to do. The self-described family bike shop serves the gamut from new riders to Triple Bypass veterans, and everyone in between.

The shop has maintained longstanding vendor relationships with Trek, Cannondale, Santa Cruz, Juliana, Yeti Cycles, Pivot Cycles, Moots, and just recently added Mosaic. In addition to the relationship with longtime vendor partners, Tony is proud of the association EBO has maintained with Team Evergreen, the organization responsible for the 120-mile Triple Bypass Ride stretching from Evergreen to Avon (cresting Squaw, Loveland and Vail passes). Celebrating its 32nd running of the event, Team Evergreen has relied on EBO for event support and packet pickup for almost 20 years.

With world class road and mountain biking immediately outside our collective doorsteps, EBO has continually strived to accommodate the needs of a changing demographic. As all types of cycling have evolved with the road scene morphing into the gravel rider and the old-school XC mountain biker looking more like an enduro rider, EBO has kept up with the ever-changing landscape of equipment that makes cycling such an incredible experience in all of Colorado. And now with the advent of e-bikes, the cycling world has opened up to a whole new group of enthusiasts. In an effort to serve this burgeoning and incredibly fast-growing market, EBO recently opened its sister store, Colorado E-bike


(colorado-ebike.com) to have a focused shop that deals exclusively with e-bikes and all that goes along with pedal assist.

“When we opened a year and a half ago, we didn’t even understand the demand,” said Tony. That demand comes from multiple sources, he explained. “E-bikes leveled the playing field for people of different abilities who want to ride together. Also, there is the aging demographic that stopped riding, but e-bikes have allowed them to roll back time and ride the routes they rode in the past.” For people just getting into the sport and trying to learn how to ride a mountain bike, e-bikes make it less daunting.”

Tony also noted that, like many products these days, supply for bikes and anything pertaining to bikes is extremely short. “If there is a bike you want to purchase and we don’t have it, the current lead time for delivery is up to 365 days. The global supply chain is hurting quite a bit. Stock is very limited. Normally we stock 500-700 bikes at the peak of the season. Now we are down to 200.”

Tony graduated from DePaul University in Chicago with a degree in Information Systems. Throughout college, he garnered much of his knowledge of the cycling industry working in sales and service at several shops from Iowa City to Chicago to San Diego. After graduating from college, Tony took a job in IT at a small consulting firm in San Diego where he spent the next seven years in the tech industry. Corporate culture, however, was ultimately not the correct lifestyle fit. The cycling lifestyle led him to consider going back to a career in the bike industry, and with the ability to purchase EBO in 2006, he packed up his life in Southern California and started a new one in Evergreen.

More than 15 years later, with great staff, mission to serve the community, and the support of the Evergreen community, EBO has become a mainstay Evergreen business and has earned its “World Famous in Evergreen” tongue-in-cheek tagline.

Evergreen Bicycle Outfitters is located at 29017 Hotel Way, 101C Evergreen. 303.674.6737, velocolorado.com. Colorado E-Bike is on the lower level in #B01C. 303.955.7784, colorado-ebike.com