“Nestled in the mountains of Colorado lies a picturesque town filled with heritage buildings, unique boutiques, and award-winning restaurants—welcome to Historic Downtown Evergreen. This small-town gem is a true hidden gem, offering visitors a relaxing escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.”

This is how AI describes Evergreen, and while I think so many of us realize that we are living in a special place, I am also seeing, on social media, that many have forgotten this. I understand that Evergreen has changed and for those who have lived here since the 60s or 70s, this change may be overwhelming and not a welcome sight. But I challenge you to find a place that is close to convenience and support services that has not experienced similar changes. For those who are grumbling as they read this, I will come clean and tell you that I arrived in 1997 having moved from the East Coast. The traffic that we used to endure up and down the I-95 Corridor through any of the major cities was enough to take years off your life expectancy because of the stress from the drive. So, when I hear folks complaining about “traffic” along the lake due to construction, I do my best not to guffaw! An extra 5 or 10 minutes is nothing in the grand scheme of things and I appreciate that it allows me a few extra minutes to enjoy the scenery. Without a whole lot of prompting, AI continues to describe Evergreen like this:

“But did you know that supporting local shops and restaurants is critical to the success of this community? During these challenging times, such as road construction, it’s more important than ever to lend our support to local businesses. Every dollar spent locally makes a significant impact and strengthens the local economy, keeping money cycling within the community and ensuring prosperous futures for everyone.”

“Choosing to prioritize local purchases over large chain stores is an investment in the community. By shopping locally, we support the dreams of local business owners, who often provide a personalized touch, making your visit unforgettable and the community feel like a truly unique place. When you support local businesses, you’re investing in the community’s future and its continued success.”

“So why not plan a trip to Historic Downtown Evergreen, Colorado, and see for yourself what makes this community so special? Explore the unique boutiques, indulge in award-winning cuisine, and experience the personalized touch of the local business owners. You’ll quickly discover why supporting local businesses is critical to the success of this beautiful town.”

“Together, let’s invest in the community and show our support for local businesses. By doing so, we can help ensure a bright and thriving future for all those who call Historic Downtown Evergreen, Colorado home.”

I am quickly becoming a fan of this artificial intelligence movement!

I look forward to seeing everyone out at the Rodeo Parade on Saturday morning and then over to the rodeo grounds Saturday and Sunday afternoon to enjoy a big slice of small-town living in our own backyard!

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