At the Chamber office, we field numerous phone calls, but one particular conversation left a lasting impression. A retired law enforcement officer within our community reached out to recount a recent encounter with a company he discovered online. Needing his dryer vent cleaned, he opted to support a local business and found Conifer Air Duct Cleaning through an online search. Despite a seemingly promising website, several red flags emerged during their visit. The company claimed to have sprayed sanitizer in the vent, rendering the dryer unusable for three days, and their credit card reader conveniently malfunctioned, requiring a cash payment. Unfortunately, the retiree discovered three days later that not only had his venting system been damaged, but it hadn’t been cleaned either. Frustratingly, he found himself without recourse. Fortunately, a Chamber member, Chimney Doctor, came to his aid, cleaning and repairing his system at half the cost charged by the unscrupulous company.

This incident prompted us to emphasize the Conifer Chamber of Commerce’s role as a reliable reference point, ensuring informed decisions when seeking products or services. Through our comprehensive online and printed directory, residents gain easy access to a trusted list of local businesses. The Chamber’s endorsement signifies adherence to ethical standards, reducing the risk of falling victim to fraudulent practices.

Our members, deeply committed to the Conifer community, contribute to local organizations sponsored and supported by businesses. By choosing local businesses, you not only receive quality services, but also indirectly support community initiatives. Access our printed and online directory at or scan the QR code provided. For any queries, contact the Chamber office at 303.838.5711. Our community’s well-being is our priority.