The Conifer Area Chamber of Commerce was founded on December 11, 1975 by a group of local business people and it has been bringing the community together ever since. Good leadership can make or break a group like this and we have had some truly amazing leaders over the years. As a nonprofit organization, the Chamber is run by a board of directors, and I am so fortunate to have Kristin Judy as the current president of our board.

Kristin is a magnetic leader and, within this fun-loving community, she is a force that draws individuals together. She weaves enjoyment into every interaction, encouraging active participation and creating genuine relationships. She deserves to be honored as well as those who came before her to help the Chamber grow into the community that it is.

Conifer Area Chamber Of Commerce Board Presidents

Kristin Judy – 2022 – present

John Osborne – 2021

Karen Heydman – 2020

Jodi Dolph – 2019

Janet Redford – 2018

Eli Martinez – 2017

Cynthia Weeks – 2016

Melissa Baker – 2015

Dave Erramouspe – 2014

Melissa Baker – 2013

Stan Foxx – 2012

Jennifer Elienewski – 2011

Bud Moore – 2010

Jim Whales – 2009

Max Anderson – 2008

Paul Ogle – 2007

Steve Gallup 2005 – 2006

Dave Watts – 2005

Jamie Hermann – 2004

Deb Watts – 2003

Phil Simms – 2000

Vince Fisher – 1999

Denise Patrick – 1997

Paul Tillotson – 1996

Robert Blackwell – 1995

Norm Brumbelow – 1994

Bruce Bremmer 1992 –1993

Huge thanks to Steve Gallup for his work in compiling this list! And now we are asking for your help to fill in any blanks. Do you know who belongs in any of the missing years?

Upcoming Events:

Thursday, Sept. 14, 7-9 am

Membership Meeting

Location: The Venue Theatre

Thursday, Sept. 21, 5-7 pm

Networking Mixer

Location: Conifer Jazzercise

November 18

Festival of Trees

Location: The Barn at Evergreen Memorial Park

December 2

Christmas in Conifer

Location: On Sutton Road