The Serenity of Love

Featured Author

Margo Hamilton


While working with at-risk kids decades ago, a young teen who was trying to survive the streets and raising a baby challenged Margo with three words that penetrated her heart: “Words are important.” It was then that her writing transitioned from aimless to deliberate. She’s written heartfelt truths from the well-known to the not-so-well-known with the belief that “everyone has a story that needs to be shared.”


Jason Hamburg’s Job Defines Serenity and Love

Jason on the summit of Bergen Peak. Jefferson County Open Space parks cover more than 56,000 acres, include 27 parks, and a trail system that spans 265-plus miles. Bikers, hikers and horse enthusiasts soak in the tranquil serenity as well as the challenge many of the...

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Art and Barbara Gutierrez Define Devotion

From the moment they met, fate united Barbara and Art Gutierrez to maintain a “live, love, laugh” motto that has sustained their relationship for over 50 years. “Art’s mom instantly knew I was the one for Art.” “The glue that’s held our relationship together were...

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Hannah Jensen’s Artistic Serenity of Love Journey

Hannah & Adam Evergreen native Hannah Jensen was raised on the Clear Creek County side of Evergreen. Now, 26 years old and living in Golden with her soulmate, husband Adam, Hannah reveals how her love of nature gifted her with a divine calling to become an artist....

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Jim and Laurie Davis Define Enduring Love

Never did Jim Davis and then Laurie Schar fathom a blind date would hinge them together with the rarity of true love that Laurie has twice experienced. “My first husband, Pete, died of colon cancer 51⁄2 years into our marriage. Our young sons, Tanner and Donovan, and...

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Doing What You Love Defines the Serenity of Love

Defining love’s serenity is often compared to romance, but it’s so much more. Within our serene mountain communities, many find the serenity of love as they hike, bike or simply breathe in the beauty of the mountains, wildlife and culture that surrounds us. Pets of...

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Jannai and Matt Bachus: Smitten From the Start

How did Iowan native Matt Bachus, who claims Iowans rarely share hugs, marry Coloradoan Jennai Howe Bachus, whose family embraces strangers, family, and friends with unforgettable bear hugs? It’s because destiny prevailed the exact moment they met. Jennai, possessing...

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Soulmates John and Emily (Bowers) Carpenter

Nearly 20 years ago, a traumatic event invaded the lives of Paula Bowers and her then 9-year-old daughter, Emily. Months following the tragedy, a mutual friend introduced Paula and Emily to me, knowing both needed horse therapy. Emily was instantly inflicted with...

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Lovin Devotion

Two FBI agents entered an elevator within their Indianapolis headquarters. She had heard about the tall, good-looking agent. There was no exaggeration regarding his looks, gregarious personality, and kindheartedness. He seemed to know everyone on the elevator except...

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The Bards’ Boundless Bond

At age 18, Genevieve Chandler Phipps became the second wife of Colorado Senator Lawrence Phipps in 1897. Details are shrouded regarding the cause of the Phipps’ annulment in 1904, and adding to the mystery is why then 25-year-old Genevieve purchased over 1,000...

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John Ellis’s Evergreen Life

John Ellis Sr. was an early Evergreen pioneer, magician, restauranteur and barkeep. He built his dream restaurant/bar with two attached back bedrooms to house his rapidly growing family. Then known as Magic Inn, it later became Bergen Park Inn, Whippletree, Cedar 65,...

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Moore Love

Prior to the Wall Street Journal recognizing Ann Moore as one of the nation’s most influential inventors, and before she met the love of her life, Mike, Ann treasured growing up on her family’s Ohio chicken farm where music and love created a cohesive lifestyle. “My...

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Seek Serenity

Enjoying a scenic drive down a private Evergreen lane, heavily ladened with twisted pines and treasured memories, I instantly recognize the man who gifted Evergreen with Serenity Magazine walking ahead. He arrived in Evergreen in 1977. I arrived in ’85. Our paths have...

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