I Am So Very Grateful

In September’s Publisher’s Ponderings, I declared a certain incredibly gorgeous September day as “My Thanksgiving Day” with total irreverence for the two-century tradition of the real Thanksgiving Day. 

My bad! I got carried away with assuming the grateful sentiment we always feel around Thanksgiving. However, don’t get me wrong, I am very grateful for this place we call home. 

I am also sincerely grateful for what Holly and I call our Serenity family. Yes, we truly feel that a huge part of our extended family are the people that make Serenity such a vibrant community—the advertisers, advertiser’s assistants, writers, photographers, designers, our own designer, Heather Eme, and the staff at Publication Printers. 

I am sorry that I don’t say it more often. We appreciate our loyal advertisers more than anyone could ever know. I totally empathize with the difficulties facing our advertisers and that we are a part of those challenges.

I understand that advertising not only eats into the bottom line, but it also consumes time. And, as they say, “Time is money.” I always try and remind myself how busy other businesses are and respect how much effort goes into creating effective advertising. You only have to study Serenity with an eye for design to understand what I am saying. 

What’s interesting about Serenity is that many advertisers have shared with us that they simply want to be part of the Serenity community. They want to feel that what they do matters and that they are giving back to the community of folks who, by and large, moved here for a better life. In addition, they want to feel they are making those lives even better. And, they want to feel they are part of something greater than themselves. 

It’s hard for me to overstate how grateful we are for our loyal advertisers, some of whom have been with us for decades. Without them, there would be no Serenity community. 

All of us at Serenity thrive on being part of something greater than any one of us. And that something is, indeed, Colorado Serenity. Our proudest achievement has been to provide a monthly sense of normalcy during the worst days of the pandemic. 

Another great appreciation that I haven’t expressed enough goes out to our dedicated group of advertorial and freelance writers, many of whom have been with us for decades. Their contributions to the Serenity community sometimes presents as many as 35 different viewpoints on a huge variety of subjects. And again, they all endure their own labor of love to be part of something bigger than themselves. 

And then there is the love of my life! I am ever so grateful that Holly Jorgensen jumped into my world. Without her steadfast support and thoughtful contributions, I often wonder if there would be a Serenity today. And without her, I also wouldn’t be the person I am today. 

I love Holly from the bottom of my heart.

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Doug Kinzy

With a master’s in electronic engineering, Doug worked for major companies in that field before switching to real estate for 12 years. From that experience, he hatched the idea for Colorado Serenity and never looked back. Over years past, Doug filled his spare time with mountain climbing, skiing, cycling and programming. Now, he fills his time working with his longtime girlfriend and now fiancée, Serenity editor Holly Jorgensen, making Serenity the best it can be while occasionally running off to favorite Colorado hideouts.