Warm breezes, melting snow, shedding horses! The anticipation of long, beautiful Colorado days of riding is at the top of our minds. More snow is inevitable, but it won’t last long on the ground!

Just in time to get the dust knocked off for the prime horse months, Kip Fladland will be coming to Hayden, Colorado, April 30-May 2 for two classes over three days. Hayden Horsepower, who puts on several high-profile clinics each year, will be organizing the clinic to be held at the Routt County Fairgrounds in Hayden.

Kip’s teachings are based upon the principles of Ray Hunt and Tom Dorrance, which he honed while traveling with Buck Brannaman for five years.

Since his time with Buck on the road, Kip has specialized in starting colts under saddle as well as working with problem horses. Using the vaquero/buckaroo methods, he trains bridle horses through the traditional process, and is highly skilled in cow working and ranch roping. His equine students are diverse, including quarter horses, thoroughbreds, warmbloods, gaited breeds and mules that go on to compete in dressage, hunter/jumpers, eventing, reining, cow horse, cutting and of course many are working ranch horses and great trail horses. His passion is for the horse and he has an appreciation for all types of riding and shapes of saddles.

In his almost 20 years of teaching clinics, Kip has found great satisfaction in facilitating people to communicate better, have fun and enjoy their horses more, whatever the discipline.

No matter what level you or your horse are at, this is the perfect clinic to learn better communication with your horse, new exercises to take home with you, find holes in your training, help with problem behaviors and build confidence with your horse. Professional horse trainers often participate in Kip’s clinics to add tools to their own training programs.

Two, three-day classes will be offered. You can participate in just the morning class or both. I would recommend both classes as the immersion you will have with your horse is invaluable and the classes build upon each other. If you have any questions about the format or classes, feel free to email me at heather@mtnhomes4horses.com.

  1. Fundamental Horsemanship will be all three mornings. Applies fundamental horsemanship principles on the ground and under saddle.
  2. Horsemanship 1 will be all three afternoons. This is the perfect class for all levels of horses, riders and disciplines.

Think you are too green or maybe too advanced? Not true! No matter your level or your horse’s, the format and foundational principles embedded in this clinic will improve your horsemanship and communication with your horse.

Reviews from Kip clinic participants:

I really enjoyed and learned so much riding in Kip’s clinic! He’s a fantastic horseman, perfect gentleman, gives individual attention, has a great sense of humor and makes learning fun. The creative exercises that he taught were very helpful and made me think “outside the box.” Participating in his clinic improved my horsemanship. He’s the “real deal,” never boring, and always looking out for the horse’s best interests. 

—Liz Olde, Colorado

I have been privileged to participate in two Kip Fladland clinics, both with and without cattle, and I have returned home chock-full of new exercises and ideas for my horse time. Kip is well-educated, yet easy to understand, and is able to teach to young and old, beginner as well as advanced. My 10-year-old daughter rode with him this year as a birthday gift, and was so proud that he didn’t talk down to her! He’s got a great sense of humor and has seen and done it all as it pertains to the horse world, but he also takes the time to get to know both you and your horse during the time you spend with him, both in and out of the saddle. Kip is a gift, and is only a stranger the first time you meet him, so prepare to gain a wax mustache, real-deal cowboy friend when you ride with him! 

—Courtney, Colorado

Accommodation information for you and your horse:

—Routt County Fairgrounds (no reservation needed): covered stalls, open larger pens for multiple horses, RV hookups, full bathrooms and showers. Clinic approved w/COVID-19 protocols. Website with overall info: routtcountyfair.org/p/other

—Hayden: There are a few Airbnb/VRBO rentals but no hotels.

 —In Craig, 20 minutes west of Hayden:

Candlewood Suites: 970.824.8400

Best Western: 800.568.8520

—Steamboat, 30 minutes east of Hayden: Various options of hotels or Airbnb/VRBOs

Spots are limited! Contact Hayden Horsepower at wendy@axialarts.com or 970.471.2789 to reserve your spot! See kipfladlandhorsemanship.com for more information on Kip. Enter both classes or just one. $500/class, $150 non-refundable deposit to reserve your spot. Auditors $25/day.