This is the time of year when Santa rechecks his lists to find out who has been naughty and who has been nice! I believe this community will fare well in that reckoning even though many are angels to individuals and organizations in a quiet manner. Recently, a Chamber family member learned that one of her children has stage four Hodgkins Lymphoma—something no parent wants to hear. While the doctors believe they will be able to cure this child, there is a long road ahead. Once the members of the Evergreen Chamber board of directors heard of this situation, people like Carol O’Brien of Carol O’Brien Architecture and Jean Kelly of Red Rocks Community College dropped off gift cards to local eateries to help with grabbing a quick meal. Restaurant owner, Glen Fountain of Fountain Barbecue and Evergreen Deli, delivered enough food for a whole weekend and added gift cards to use when needed. Craig Caldwell, owner of Troutdale Tavern and Parkside Café, has not allowed this family to pay for multiple meals at his restaurants. Amanda and Jared Leonard of Campfire provided a generous gift certificate for the family to use whenever cooking dinner just will not fit in the schedule!

After witnessing all this quiet generosity from area businesses, I reached out to some of our local nonprofits to find out who is helping them help our community members in need. I know that many businesses provide financial support to local nonprofits by sponsoring events and fundraisers, and for those dollars, the nonprofit usually highlights those businesses at the event or on their social media. For this article, I wanted to focus on those businesses who help the nonprofits quietly…they don’t receive a call-out on social media for what they have done; they aren’t mentioned in an event program. But the help that they provide is vital to that nonprofit being able to service individuals and families in our community.

Blue Spruce Habitat for Humanity is devoted to helping lower income families realize their dream of safe, affordable homeownership. As they build these homes, they rely on volunteers from the community. There are tradesmen in our town who silently help to complete these homes, including Roofing Outfitters. By using their skilled employees to assist on roofing a new home, Roofing Outfitters helps ensure that the roof will last its full life for the homeowner. Habitat also works closely with the good people at Evergreen National Bank to ensure the financing of homeownership for the families.

Mount Evans Home Health Care & Hospice staff spend their time in the homes of their clients. While tending to their medical needs, the healthcare workers are often privy to updates needed to the home to help make it more manageable while the client is recovering. Jay’s Fix It All Handyman services have come alongside Mount Evans to provide those services needed at reduced fees for those who do not have the upgrades in their budget.

Evergreen Christian Outreach serves those in our community who are struggling to make ends meet or who are going through a difficult time in their life. The services that EChO provides include not only the food pantry and a shelter in the cold weather months, but they often hear of clients needing assistance with car maintenance, medical bills and cleaning bills. Area businesses such as Evans Auto Care, Big O Tires, Walmart, Cozy Cleaners and Olde’s Garage are quick to assist these individuals and families meet their needs within their budgets. Evergreen Parks & Recreation also partners with EChO clients.

There are so many examples of quiet angels graciously giving of their time and their talents to continue to make Evergreen the best place to live!