It’s no surprise that the sweaters come out the second a leaf falls. But really, fall air feels different! Driving into work, you can notice the change. And I’m not talking about the fact that my car says 46 degrees. The air literally feels different. The leaves on the aspens are the first change we see up here in the mountains, and we watch as all the leaf peepers come up the hill. Living on Highway 285 takes a lot of patience due to traffic, but I feel it is all worth it and a great place to live and work.

The Conifer Area Chamber of Commerce is changing, too. Fundamentally, we are working hard to reach out to businesses that have been hit hard since COVID started in January of 2020. We have had some significant changes at the Chamber office, and we are making goals to make the shift a positive one for all involved. The office staff, board of directors, ambassadors and, most importantly, our new and seasoned members are all being asked to be a positive influence and be more involved in the Chamber events and happenings.

New member ribbon cutting for Mountaintop Bath Remodeling—owners Ted and Sabin Fleming.

We are planning the December 3rd Christmas parade; details on it will be on our website,, very soon. This year’s theme is “Heroes on Parade,” which can mean anything your imagination can come up with: military, frontline workers, teachers, service industry, superheroes in movies, etc. We are also making plans for spring events and doing a lot of planning for the future. We have had a ribbon cutting for Mountaintop Bath Remodeling, and attendance for monthly meetings and mixers is rising. We enjoyed the September mixer at Luna’s Mandala and Mountain Glow Skin Care.

So, what are you waiting for? First, rejoin the Chamber if you used to be a member. Make that shift, get involved; it’s a two-way street. The more you are involved, the more benefit you will see in your business. Join the Chamber if you have never been a member. You will be glad you did. The group I work with daily is a good group of folks—their hearts are all in the right place, and they really care about Conifer. The Chamber wants to see businesses succeed.

Fall is the world’s “happy medium.” It turns out humans are so happy in the fall. Humans are scientifically happier in temperatures that fall between 50 to 70 degrees. That’s why fall hits just perfectly! So, now that it’s officially fall, go run through some leaves! Make pumpkin patch plans, pick some apples and break out those cozy sweaters. Enjoy all fall has to offer. 

It’s finally the start of a new season!