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Sarah Ann Noel


Sarah Ann Noel comes to Evergreen by way of Denver and Brooklyn, NY, but she is settling into a mountain pace of life. A freelance writer and editor, Sarah spends her days working from her house in the forest, taking yoga classes and figuring out how to perfect her sourdough bread at altitude. She is married to Trevor, owner of Wander Unlimited, and they have two young daughters and an Australian Shepherd. You can reach Sarah at


On Clean Slates

Is a clean slate really what we want? In theory, it’s beautiful, it’s poetic—a blank page. Time to write a new story. But as a writer, I’m here to say, sometimes the blank page is anxiety-inducing. It’s just nothing but white space and a blinking cursor, counting the...

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The 12 Weeks of Christmas

I was very confused by “The Twelve Days of Christmas” as a child because Christmas is one day, and also, you celebrate it for more than twelve days. And back in those days of yore, Christmas was generally an exclusively December occasion, so why wasn’t it, like, The...

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Driving in Public

Somewhere along the road to adulthood, at some early curve shortly after leaving home in our mother’s womb, we come to understand two separate categories of life: the public part and the private. Publicly, we consider the life we live in front of other people, out in...

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This Is Pretty Cheesy

Look, there’s a special day every month—every day—I get it. But sometimes I write this column and it pisses people off, and it struck me that September contains within its 30 glorious days, a day which we can all get behind. It’s truly something worth celebrating, and...

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Happy New Year!

Good morning, quite literally! I’ve awakened from hibernation. While the rest of the world winds down into autumn, I’m waking up to the start of a new year! Back-to-school season is ripe with fresh starts and fresh pencils, clean slates and clean shoes, new people and...

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Resist Resisting Temptation

I got three mosquito bites sitting on my own deck the other evening, and I texted my friend WTF, because I thought mosquito-free summer was what we left the East for. I used to have an essential oils recipe for a bug spray potion, and I have to conjure up the witch...

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Tourists Vs. Locals

There is nothing like Colorado in the summer, and that’s doubly true if you’re lucky enough to live in the mountains like us. From the blue jay skies to the snow melt rushing down the creek, our early summer setting almost seems like a dream instead of real life. And...

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Back to Reality

My husband and I sat down at the kitchen table the other day, with calendar print-offs, computers open and phones out, as we attempted something left untouched for a year: planning. That’s right, we were looking ahead, months even, trying to wrangle upcoming events—or...

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The Great Circle of Life

I am currently counting down the minutes of my deadline as I start this column. My brain is taxed because I’ve recently entered an intense MFA program, which is a lot of words to consume and regurgitate, not to mention the original prose I’m expected to dream-up. It...

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Let’s Give ‘Em Something To Talk About

It seems to me that conversation has run amuck. Either we’re talking ourselves in circles (like, who is sick of talking about COVID?) or we’re talking ourselves into a corner (like, realize you’re just not going to convince that person of your political point) or...

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What Stays the Same

Here we are, in the moment we’ve all been waiting for. We’ve put 2020 behind us, and I bet it all feels very different now, doesn’t it? We possess a human tendency to compartmentalize. We want to draw neat lines around everything because that is how we make sense of...

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