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Sarah Ann Noel


Sarah Ann Noel is a freelance writer and editor, as well as a wife to Trevor and a
mom to Iris, Edith and Thomas, the Australian Shepherd. She is an MFA candidate at NYU’s Writers Workshop Paris, which means she only has time for eating, sleeping and reading. You can reach Sarah at


Spring Fever

When cold air and warm air meet in a weather pattern, they will not mix. This feels like a phenomenon because, say you pour a warm glass of water into a cold glass of water, eventually the temperature of the water will average between the two. But meteorology tells us...

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Cartoon Love and Valentine’s Day

“This spirit of love  lives at the grocery store, where the lady at the self-checkout is never without a genuine smile.” February: this itty-bitty month packs a punch with Valentine’s Day as the center of the target. It is the month of love. For weeks leading up...

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A Hibernating Bear Goes to Paris

By the time you are reading this, I will be in Paris. It is my last residency to finish my five-residency MFA program, and thanks to Covid, it’s the first in-person January residency I’ve attended. Yes, yes, I’m excited. I love Europe in the winter, and city living in...

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Lessons From a Kitchen Reno

Like a couple of real idiots, we decided to dive into a kitchen renovation right before the holiday season. Honestly, it was a comedy of errors—as most home projects are—that led to this decision, this schedule, and telling you is my attempt at unloading some of the...

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Evergreen’s Hot Celebrity Sightings

Do you have a celebrity doppelgänger? Over the years, friends and strangers have told me I resemble so-and-so or I remind them of what’s-her-name, but I can’t say I’ve ever been mistaken for anyone famous. In fact, it’s more that I have one of those generic faces,...

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Generally speaking, I do not hang my hat on astrology or its many, many adjacent practices. I believe in the general sentiment of Love and that we can share our energy, for better or for worse, with others. I know we are beings in nature, surrounded by nature, and so...

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Time Keeps On Slipping

“Things are so scheduled, so required, you would think it would build a sturdy framework for time.” I stood in the doorway of my daughter’s classroom the other day, when one of her classmates approached me and gave a tug on my sleeve. “Just so you know,” she said,...

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Pasta with Alfredo

Once, my mom told me that men think in columns or lists and that women think like a bowl of spaghetti—just long threads of thought tangled up in other threads of thought, and if you took hold of one end you could get to the other end, but not without getting stuck on...

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The Fourth Sarah Noel

It was a sweltering Connecticut summer afternoon, 1984, when I was born unto David and Nancy Kincheloe, their first born. And my mother, having so lovingly grown and begotten me, also dreamed up the name for me, the thing that would be spoken over my existence for the...

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When You Can’t Have Fireworks, Try This Instead

When I was a kid, there was nothing like sitting in a wide open field under a vast black sky, suddenly watching it explode with glittering colors and feeling the boom against my ribs. It was a visceral experience, something moving even at a young age, engaging all the...

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My Mountain Assimilation

Well, I’ve been writing this column for a few years now and I’m sure everyone is wondering how I’ve been faring in my transition from city girl to mountain mama. I have been carefully charting my progress and am prepared to give a detailed report. For starters, here...

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In Which It Is Still Winter AND Spring

Well, it’s April. So every conversation you have from now until July will most likely begin with chatter about the weather—and this is the only predictable part of Colorado’s “spring.” I begin this month’s column with the understanding that claiming your region’s...

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