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Sarah Ann Noel


Sarah Ann Noel comes to Evergreen by way of Denver and Brooklyn, NY, but she is settling into a mountain pace of life. A freelance writer and editor, Sarah spends her days working from her house in the forest, taking yoga classes and figuring out how to perfect her sourdough bread at altitude. She is married to Trevor, owner of Wander Unlimited, and they have two young daughters and an Australian Shepherd. You can reach Sarah at


Back to Reality

My husband and I sat down at the kitchen table the other day, with calendar print-offs, computers open and phones out, as we attempted something left untouched for a year: planning. That’s right, we were looking ahead, months even, trying to wrangle upcoming events—or...

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The Great Circle of Life

I am currently counting down the minutes of my deadline as I start this column. My brain is taxed because I’ve recently entered an intense MFA program, which is a lot of words to consume and regurgitate, not to mention the original prose I’m expected to dream-up. It...

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Let’s Give ‘Em Something To Talk About

It seems to me that conversation has run amuck. Either we’re talking ourselves in circles (like, who is sick of talking about COVID?) or we’re talking ourselves into a corner (like, realize you’re just not going to convince that person of your political point) or...

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What Stays the Same

Here we are, in the moment we’ve all been waiting for. We’ve put 2020 behind us, and I bet it all feels very different now, doesn’t it? We possess a human tendency to compartmentalize. We want to draw neat lines around everything because that is how we make sense of...

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2020’s Online Wisdom

Wow. The end of 2020. Did you ever think we’d make it? And, while generally now is the time to sway to Auld Lang Syne and reflect on the nuggets of wisdom we’ve collected over these last 12 months, honestly, isn’t your brain a bit fried? Did we get wiser? Or is...

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A Matter of Importance

In light of Thanksgiving, I know it’s expected that I use this space to ruminate on thankfulness and what I’m thankful for. Therefore, I would like to express my gratitude for all of the important people in this town. There are a lot of important people—I know,...

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Halloween Is Gonna Be Fetch

Generally, I am not a Halloween celebrator. First of all, as you might have guessed, I like theme dressing all the time. If you tell me, “On Wednesdays we wear pink,” then on Wednesdays, I shall wear pink, not because I am a Plastic, but because I’m down with a Mean...

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Little Parents Everywhere

If you’ve lived in a mountain town for any amount of time, I’m betting you’ve received an unsolicited lecture about something important to mountain living: the weather, the land, the traffic or even how far apart you spaced your fence posts, for instance. Everyone is...

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I Need Some Space

They say any good relationship requires some space. No marriage can be successful if you lose your sense of individuality, and it’s easy to get sick of your most favorite person if you can’t do at least one thing alone now and then. In an effort to maintain a healthy...

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My New Enemy

It is more or less human nature to subscribe to an “us versus them” mentality. Central to our culture is understanding who is for us and who is against us, at macro levels right down to our day-to-day living. Within this infrastructure, we have many friends and many...

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What Is Life?

What Is Life? Any parent knows that it is the moments before you hit the light at bedtime where those young, carefree minds are transformed into a hotbed of deep thought and philosophy. I used this word on my 9-year-old the other night: philosophy. “What’s that?” she...

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