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Doug Kinzy


With a master’s in electronic engineering, Doug worked for major companies in that field before switching to real estate for 12 years. From that experience, he hatched the idea for Colorado Serenity and never looked back. Over years past, Doug filled his spare time with mountain climbing, skiing, cycling and programming. He now fills his time working with his longtime girlfriend and now fiancée, Serenity editor Holly Jorgensen, making Serenity the best it can be while occasionally running off to favorite Colorado hideouts.



A fixer is a person who carries out assignments for someone else or who is good at solving problems for others. The term has different meanings in different contexts. In British usage, the term is neutral, meaning "the sort of person who solves problems and gets...

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The New Normal

It’s interesting the lengths some will go to make the pandemic lockdowns more bearable. In back-to-back articles, I read about “Faux Commutes” and jogging in circles around your bed for exercise. A Faux Commute is any activity around the time you would ordinarily be...

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Well, what a year it has been! We are all just shaking our heads and saying to no one in particular, “Who would have ever thought?” In the history of mankind, there has been nothing that has affected virtually every human being on earth... not world wars, not...

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Go down to the riverbank and pick up some rocks. Clean them. Toss them from hand to hand. Toss some back in the water and pick some more. Sooner or later, you’ll find one that has an unusually comfortable feel to it. It’s just the right size, shape, weight and...

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Roughly Half

I think most of us will agree that, come November, no matter which presidential candidate wins the election, each will have received roughly half of the popular vote. “So what?” you might say. Well, I think that many of us do not truly appreciate what, in this case,...

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Without Ever Reaching the Summit

I highly recommend reading Sean Wood’s cover story, True Wealth, found on page 22. It should make all of us think long and hard about where our lives have been and where our lives should go in the future. For the record, I feel that without having a phrase to describe...

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More Things to Love About Where We Live

More Things to Love About Where We Live My mile walk down the road this morning was unusually delightful. The sky was full of  towering, white puffy clouds on a backdrop of deep blue sky. The scattered clouds lit the valley and surrounding ridges with patches of...

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Six Things to Love About Where We Live

Six Things to Love About Where We LiveOkay, at the risk of being accused of preaching to the choir, here goes... Four seasons: For some people, this is the biggest reason why we moved here and are going to stay forever. I’m from Southern California, which has only one...

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