Around this time last year, I found my way over to Center for the Arts Evergreen, only to be blown away by an impressive line-up of aspiring musicians betting on themselves in Evergreen’s Got Talent, a local musical competition for young artists. I heard many performances from solo artists and musical groups, many of whom I’ve had the pleasure of featuring in this column, including the winner of last year’s Evergreen’s Got Talent competition, May Be Fern.

Exciting news: The talent search is back, with two 2023 competitions in both Conifer and Evergreen. First up, Conifer’s Got Talent will be held at Conifer High School on Friday, March 31. Registration for this event is closed, and the line-up is an incredible group of young people from Conifer, Bailey and Pine.

“We’re excited to have an on-campus event that is also open to non-students and younger kids,” says Andy Potter, producer of both Got Talent competitions, as well as the organizer of open mic on Thursday nights at local venues. “Conifer’s Got Talent will feel like a school event, but it’s open to all mountain kids, not just CHS students.” Registered participants also completed auditions by video and will perform from 6-9 pm at the March 31 event. The competition is open to the public, and community members are encouraged to come out and support these young artists.

“The talent search is back, with two 2023 competitions in both Conifer and Evergreen.”

“Local State Farm rep Michelle Vanags has offered to sponsor the event with food and drink,” says Potter, so audience members can come out for a fun night of music and refreshment.

Evergreen’s Got Talent will be held on Saturday, April 29, which means there is still time for young people 18 and under to register. Rules and registration forms can be accessed at This year’s event will take place at Center for the Arts Evergreen, with margaritas for the grown-ups, a dessert table from State Farm for everyone, and Slife’s food truck grilling up dinner outside.

“This year’s Evergreen show will feel very similar to last year’s,” Potter says, “with two major differences: both shows are limited to kids 18 and under; and both events are also open to kids with great voices who maybe don’t play an instrument.” Both 2023 competitions will allow “karaoke” participants, or vocalists singing along with soundtracks. “For any winners who are only vocalists, we will try to organize a band for the summer concert series performance.”

Just like last year, the winners of both competitions earn opening slots at the much beloved EPRD Summer Concert Series. This year’s series will include shows at both Evergreen Lake and Buchanan Rec Center on June 28, July 12, July 26 and August 9. The headlining acts will be announced soon, but the series will also feature six opening acts, four of which will include the top competitors from the Conifer’s and Evergreen’s Got Talent shows. Keep an eye on the headlining acts for the Summer Concert Series at

It was fun to cover last year’s event and get to know some of these young performers. With such a strong musical community in the mountain area, it’s important that we support the up-and-comers who will carry on that tradition. This year, I’m getting the word out early so you can cheer them on too. Conifer’s Got Talent and Evergreen’s Got Talent welcome the community to attend these fun youth events, to spread the word, to participate in voting, and to help build the artists who will carry our musical legacy into the next generation.

“This event is a great opportunity for kids in our mountain community to earn the right to perform at one of the highest profile events in town in front of a large supportive audience,” Potter said. “May Be Fern and Jax Jordening are examples of local acts that got their start at Evergreen’s Got Talent last year and are now getting regular gigs in town and beyond.”