With gratitude, we thank Leonor McCall-Rodriguez of the Rotary Club of Conifer for her contribution of this month’s story on engaging and generous community involvement on the 285 Corridor.

If ever a year brought opportunities to display resilience, flexibility and creative problem solving, 2020 has certainly been that year for all of us. The Rotary Club of Conifer relies on donors and special events to fund its numerous projects, scholarships and partnerships throughout the year, but for now, it looks like traditional large gatherings and major events will continue to be on hold. This ever-changing environment has sparked many club membership conversations, forcing us to reimagine what fundraising should look like and how it can have the broadest impact.

The big question that kept coming up: How can you help the community with something of value as you raise money to help the community?

While this would seem to be a circular question, our upcoming Rotary Club of Conifer fundraiser is really the result of an ongoing project. In early March, when masks, fabric and elastic were scarce, our club began a small production of face coverings. As time passed, the group grew to 23 sewers, many of them expert quilters, who teamed up for the Rotary Club of Conifer and Friends Face Masks Sewing Project. To date, over 9,400 masks have been made and sent into Colorado communities for families, schools, nursing homes, health care agencies, businesses, nonprofits and food banks as well as requesting organizations from 10 other states. Our masks have also been delivered to the Navajo and Sioux Nations in three states. 

Our mask designs have evolved quite a bit, too, thanks to the feedback from users. We have rectangular and cone masks that tie behind the ears or across the back of the head. After this sewing success, it was only natural that the next step would be to host an online MASKerade fundraiser!

So, on November 23, look for the MASKerade Collection that will be posted on our online store on ConiferFest.com, just in time for shoppers who are looking for a special gift and stocking stuffers for the holidays. Comfortable, functional, fun, fashionable and easy to wear designs will be available for adults, teens and children in small and medium sizes. Shoppers will also have the option of donating to the MASKerade fundraiser, with or without a purchase.

Because these masks are crafted by hand by our local volunteers, the inventory will be limited and designs will not be replicated. We invite our community to shop these mask choices early and buy them to help us raise funds for the community projects and scholarships Rotary Club of Conifer supports each year. Mask up for a cause. Coniferfest.com