Hands on Fire Massage


By Amy J. Born

“Shannon and her team are experts at identifying what you need.”

Hands on Fire offers therapeutic massage with a spiritual twist to heal your body, mind and spirit. In that regard, owner Shannon Hendricks has set a pretty high bar.

“Our mission is to be a healing force in the world. We accomplish this by utilizing ancient healing modalities along with new, innovative and advanced products and practices applied by the most educated, experienced and elite healers in the industry,” said Shannon. “We empower our massage therapists to consistently surpass their highest expectations in utilizing their crafts.”

In addition to therapeutic massage (deep tissue, trigger point and Thai), Hands on Fire offers a huge variety of modalities and add-ons. Shannon and her team are experts at identifying what you need.

Healing With Sound

Acutonics, based on Oriental medicine, uses sound to create healing vibration. It combines sound therapy with planetary frequencies, psychology, mythology, science and the arts. Because Shannon believes in the emotional and spiritual connection to the pain that manifests in your body, she incorporates the Acutonics tuning fork treatments into her massages to provide a more complete body-mind-spirit healing experience. Her passion for this craft has taken her all over the country to study with extraordinary teachers.

Over 100 frequencies are available, administered with tuning forks placed on acupuncture points and chakras for noninvasive access into the body’s core energy systems. Shannon also works with the forks in your energetic field (auric field) to balance you physically, emotionally and spiritually. The forks can make you feel more present and in your body. They can be used with or without a massage to address a wide range of conditions including illness of unknown origin, pain, spiritual dysfunction, trauma, addiction, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and other mental illness.

Shannon can restore your feeling of connection to the universe and unblock pathways that will help you connect to spirit. She can clear old spiritual baggage from your past lives to help you make room for new adventures and cut energetic cords from problematic people like ex-lovers and difficult family members.

She can help you use your voice, realign you with your purpose by removing emotional blocks and stuck energy. She can pull old, stuck hidden emotions out of your body so that you can examine and release them and form new patterns that fit your goals.

Using her Fibonacci fork set, Shannon can realign your brain and body after a stroke. With her Water Fork set, she can help you with emotional balance.

Healing With Bioenergetic Frequencies

Through the science of quantum physics and artificial intelligence, the wearable and portable Healy medical device scans and analyzes an individual’s bioenergetic frequencies via a quantum sensor and biofeedback. It then transmits back customized and specific frequencies to realign cellular, emotional and energy centers into bioenergetic balance.

Support Through Spirituality

Shannon is versed in tarot reading. A reading can help resolve feelings of deep frustration, struggles with exhaustion or a state of overwhelm, seemingly random surges of anger followed by profound sadness, emotional instability, feelings of abandonment or unworthiness and low self-esteem. It can even help you get a good night’s sleep.

Shannon is schooled in energetic protection and can help you learn how to protect yourself from future upset. She can teach you how to clear your energy and take back your power that has been given to the wrong people or stolen from you. She has several altars where she can petition to the gods, angels and guides to help you.

Shannon uses all the tools and modalities at her disposal to bring healing, create abundance, uncross yourself or others, reverse negative energy or curses against you, communicate with your angels, improve a relationship, speak with your ancestors, make a happy home and more.

To work with Shannon in this way, the first step is a consult, followed by a reading and then, if needed, some spell work.

Explore Your Akashic Records

Recently, the staff at Hands on Fire Massage learned about Akashic Records, another way to help you heal. The Akasha is a higher dimension than the one we live in, where every thought, idea and action from the past, present and future is stored ad infinitum, a sort of database of what’s happening in all the universes.

Hands on Fire Has Amazing Add-Ons

Himalayan hot stones melt away stress and tension. Cupping knocks out pain. Crystal therapy is the placement of a beautiful and colorful array of crystals and minerals on and around your body to balance chakras. Sound therapy is calming and balances brain function. Any of these add-ons can be combined with massage.

Hands on Fire also has its own brand of lab tested 500 ml CBD.

Hands on Fire Staff

Shannon hand picks each therapist at Hands on Fire and each is special in her own way. Be sure to check out their reviews.

Renee Ryan is a trained psychic medium, highly intuitive and therapeutic. She loves table Thai massage, Reiki and crystology.

Rhonda Bovadilla is a licensed physical therapist assistant and a licensed massage therapist. She is a highly intuitive therapist skilled in Reiki, aromatherapy and crystology.

Patsy Love is a neuromuscular wizard, angel in disguise, loves Reiki and knows crystology and aromatherapy.

Palynn Earven is skilled in yoga stretching, Reiki, zero balancing, crystals, sound, cranial sacral, myofascial release, deep tissue, Swedish, trigger point therapy and fire cupping.

Candi Gutierrez is a Colorado transplant and former Hollywood rocker who loves mixing her passion for the healing vibes of music with the hands-on energetic work of Reiki and massage.

Juliet Koss is the newest member of our team.

New Client Special

New clients get $15 off regular rates. Services are HSA approved. Custom therapeutic massage integrates all massage modalities. Choose from two free add-ons with your massage. Himalayan Hot Stone (for a relaxing, powerful detox), Cupping (a reverse deep tissue that turns your body to butter), Crystal Therapy or Singing Bowls for emotional alignment and stress relief. Price is adjusted at checkout.

New Therapist Special

Are you already a Hands on Fire Massage client but want to try a new therapist? The New Therapist Special takes $15 off regular priced rates. Services are HSA approved. Custom therapeutic massage integrates all massage modalities. Choose from two free add-ons with your massage. Himalayan Hot Stone (for a relaxing, powerful detox), Cupping (a reverse deep tissue that turns your body to butter), Crystal Therapy or Singing Bowls for emotional alignment and stress relief. Price is adjusted at checkout.

Massage Series Special

Purchase a 5-pack of massages at a discounted rate.

All treatments at Hands on Fire come with a crystal, candle or ritual bath to help you on your way and continue your experience after your treatment.

Hands on Fire is conveniently located in the Bergen Village Shopping Center. Parking is easy and the facility is COVID compliant, with a shower available too. “Upstairs, you can go to HearthFire Books and Treats, get your nails done at Diamond Nails, have lunch at Evergreen Bread and Cocktail Lounge, make yourself more beautiful at Medical Aesthetics, or visit Light Lounge a few doors down from us on the same level for even more pain relief,” Shannon added.

For more information, please visit 

handsonfiremassage.com. Book an appointment online at [email protected] or call 720.583.4241.