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David Cuin


David Cuin worked in a variety of technical and professional roles in the construction industry in Britain, the U.S. and Canada, and is a successful watercolorist and glass artist. A longtime Evergreen resident, he is the author of a textbook on color in arts and crafts and co-author of the popular “Seasons of Evergreen” book (


The Pink House

"Receiving a second refusal, he drew a gun and shot at her."Carlos Antoni Cosme Damia Casagemus i Coll was born to upper-class parents in the city of Barcelona, Spain in 1880. His father spoke several languages, worked as the general secretary of a company, and was...

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The Weirdness of Water and Cold Feet

"...if ice sank to the bottom as it formed, the polar oceans would look very different from the icy continents they are."About 71 percent of the Earth’s surface is covered by water and it makes up, on average, about 60 percent of the human body (45-75 percent). We are...

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Tenez la Gauche

Readers of last month’s article with some knowledge of the French language will realize that this probably isn’t about ‘holding the clumsy.’ However, the handedness discussion the article contained is surprisingly relevant to what seems to many Americans to be a...

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On the Other Hand

"Five of the last seven Presidents of the U.S. were left-handed and that speaks for itself!"I’m sure I must have several friends and relations who are left-handed, but I try to keep the proportion of lefts to rights no greater than the Western norm of about 10 percent...

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Ephemeral Beauties

There can be few more delightful sights than the butterflies that grace our wildflowers and what plants the deer leave in our gardens. I am not a lover of insects, generally, but who can fail to enjoy the butterflies’ colorful presence and zany progress through the...

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The Right Touch

This is, if you will pardon the pun, a very touchy subject. In the litigious society of the U.S. and in the climate of the #MeToo movement and equality, cross-gender physical contact of any kind requires careful consideration. Let me say up front that this article is...

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What Are You Wearing?

No, this is not some creepy overture; it’s a genuine question. Almost certainly the answer would be cotton in some form or another, possibly blended with a man-made fiber. A shirt, underwear, jeans, sweats, a dress perhaps. Just as certainly you wouldn’t be aware of...

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The Strangeness of Blue

It would make a good title for a novel, but truth is often stranger than fiction and the story of blue lives up to that saying. Probably one of the most common questions asked by young children with inquiring minds is: “Why is the sky blue?” The true answer is not at...

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Fortune and Misfortune Part 2: Misfortune

By the middle of the 17th century, the silver mines on the Czech/German border in the Krusné hory Mountains were mostly worked out and the meteoric fortunes of the town of Joachimsthal/Jáchymov were fast waning. The miners of Jáchymov called the pitch-black mineral...

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Fortune and Misfortune

Part 1: Fortune The local name for the mountains is the Krusné hory Mountains—Ore Mountains in English; they lie on the border of present-day Germany and the Czech Republic. In the 12th and 13th centuries, they were a harsh land, much forested and subject to long,...

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