It seems like I frequently feel like giving thanks a month earlier than the traditional day of Thanksgiving. It must be the appearance of the golden aspen leaves of October, which by November are only a brown mess underfoot. 

The Rocky Mountains in Colorado offer an abundance of spectacularly beautiful vistas that, sadly, we can begin to get used to as the months go by. The aspens, however, suddenly make a breathtaking appearance in October as a wakeup call for giving thanks. 

Such was the feeling that overcame me this morning as I walked among the aspen groves along Stagecoach Blvd. It seems today more than ever, there are plenty of reasons for not feeling very thankful: the suffering of the Ukrainian people, the prospect of nuclear Armageddon, spiraling inflation, rampant crime, and on and on. But not today. Not with the early morning sun beaming through waves and waves of golden aspen leaves. Not with a background of Colorado blue sky. 

First and foremost, I give thanks for having Holly, my wife, in my life. I am, of course, not unaware of the kind words she has written of me in her column, Editor’s Eye. So this isn’t payback, it’s just the truth. Holly is the most dedicated and hardworking person I have ever known. Though, more than just hard work, she brings to Serenity all of the skills and attitudes that I am missing. Just last night, we laughed as I made a recommendation about appropriate color—it is all her color skills that make the magazine so beautiful. And, let’s not even get started on her words skills. She’s the master! 

Truthfully, her most remarkable trait, and the one that provides the most support, is that she is not afraid of anything. Fearlessness is what I consider the most important requirement for being an entrepreneur… and she has enough for the both of us. 

I also feel deeply thankful for what seems like special treatment by the Weather Gods. For those of you who may not have thought about it, we may be the only area in the western United States that didn’t experience a drought this summer. Walking through the woods every day, I have been keenly aware of all the gentle soaking rains we have received on a regular schedule all summer long, instead of an all-at-once week of downpours causing flooding that then disappears downstream. 

And the obvious benefit of our grace from the Weather Gods is reduced fire danger. Just when we might have started worrying about a smokey smell in the air or a formation of clouds looking suspiciously like smoke, here came another shower. Whew! 

Last, but not least, I am thankful that the pandemic and the attendant mask mandates and fear is finally over. We have attended a full schedule of fundraising events and really enjoyed seeing everyone rejoicing at getting back to normal. To hell with the “New Normal.” Let us all be thankful that our community can enjoy the way things were!