Every once in a while we get legitimate critiques of our content that usually end with the comment, “That’s not very serene.”

It always makes me wonder what would be said if the name of the publication was Colorado Lifestyles. Would that judgment then be, “That’s not very lifestyles” or “That’s not a lifestyle,” or “That doesn’t fit a Colorado lifestyle,” or many other twists of the word lifestyles? Whatever, it would not be nearly as easy to judge as “That’s not very serene.”

Decades ago, when I was brainstorming a title for my nascent publication (while driving over Vail pass in a torrential downpour) the blending of Colorado and serenity came from my firsthand experience as a realtor helping buyers make their Colorado dream come true.

My eponymous experience was meeting a family from Atlanta who had found Evergreen quite by chance while on a Colorado ski vacation. They dreamed about moving here for over 10 years but just couldn’t see how to part with his job. Then one day his boss called him into his office with the ominous words, “I’m not sure you are going to like this… ” My buyer almost fell to his knees when his boss told him that he wanted to open a new office in Denver. Fast-forward to showing them homes on a drop-dead gorgeous August day. It was as magical as showing kids Disneyland for the first time—every dream came true at every turn in the road. Our Colorado mountains put on an epic display of beauty and serenity. 


Last week, Holly and I spent an afternoon with a couple of her relatives from the D.C. Metro area. They talked about how stressful it is to live there. They talked about crowds and traffic and how uptight and competitive everyone seemed to be. Finally, they described how serene life appeared to be here in Colorado.

Colorado serenity is not a lifestyle that is enjoyed and approved of by some and not by others. Colorado serenity is a place to be enjoyed—both physically and conceptually.

We have as many lifestyles and opinions as we have people. We have only one Colorado serenity and it is free to us all and free of judgment. It doesn’t matter if we have bad days, bad health, bad relationships, bad neighbors, bad jobs, and on and on. We are all free to seek peace and serenity by simply walking out the door.

Colorado serenity is a healing shot of endorphins taken by walking, jogging or running in the meadow.

Colorado serenity is an incredibly blue sky laced with fancy white clouds.

Colorado serenity is a thoughtful, solitary walk around the lake.

Colorado serenity is standing on the top of Bergen Peak. Colorado serenity is viewing spectacular fall colors without ever leaving home.

Colorado serenity is just staring up at the mountains.

Colorado serenity is coming home to the most special place on earth!