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Corey Colombin


Corey Colombin is a columnist, romance fiction novelist, hobby artist and author and illustrator of books for children. When she’s not interviewing or writing, she is often spotted with her husband, family and two slobbery Labradors. You can contact Corey at


A Dog’s Best Summer

Summer. In a matter of days, the weather just might start acting like the season it’s headed toward, rather than a daily game of weather roulette. We all know that spring in the Rockies is as unpredictable as—dare I say—the weather. A Monday can start out feeling...

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Sunshine, Dogs and Happiness

Recently, my husband and I experienced a Colorado bluebird sky kind of weekend. You know the type. In typical springtime-in-the-Rockies fashion, it didn’t start out that way. In fact, Friday began with alarmingly strong wind gusts, bringing snow flurries that pummeled...

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Beware the Sock Gobbler

Erin, a mountain girl, is a true dog lover. Her big Labradors, Chevy and Cooper, are the loves of her life—and don’t think they don’t know it. Every day, when Erin comes home from work, there they are, crowding the door, prancing, tails flagging, looking for ear...

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What if…?

Have you ever wondered what your dog does when left alone all day? I’m sure some of you have cameras that literally track your pet’s movement through the house. If that’s the case, you would know precisely how your dog spends its day. Some of us carefully pick out...

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What Love Is

Love is a warm dog sleeping at the end of the bed, and love is the human who changes his own sleeping position to accommodate the dog bent on hogging the covers. Love is a gentle lick of the hand, especially when unsolicited. And love is the dog who gets so excited,...

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Dogs Versus Cats

“Meanwhile, from the porch, Jasper’s nose twitches. Is that the scent of CAT in the air?”We’ve all heard of the legendary feud between cats and dogs, but how much truth is in it? Do cats and dogs really wage war on each other or have we all been swayed by too many Tom...

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The Great Christmas Crochet Debacle

"The path of yarn told the tale of every move the dogs made."Many people enjoy crocheting for the relaxing repetitiveness, and also to be productive while sitting down at the end of the day. Others use that hobby time to create nice gifts for the people on their...

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The Joy of the Ride

I don’t know about you, but I could be having the worst day, driving down the road with my face drawn into a scowl… and then I spy a dog on a car ride. Sounds ordinary enough, but I’m always struck by how much joy dogs get from a simple outing. And that’s all it...

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The Marvelous Princess Maizee

Maizee is a rescue pup from Minnesota brought to Evergreen by her human, Patrice. As anyone who has rescued a pup knows, it can take a bit for a dog to adjust to a new environment, but not so with Maizee. She seemed to know exactly how she should fit in to her new...

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A Whole Year of Dog Celebrations

Are you a dog person? Sounds like a silly question, but it is only a silly question if you happen to be a dog person. The fact is, there are many stops along the way between a person who merely tolerates dogs and a person who happily shares an ice cream cone with...

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Ode To Toby

I have written several times about Toby (short for Toblerone). Toby is the quirky chocolate Labrador in our family. When I say quirky, I mean chock-full of personality, so it’s no wonder he’s been the subject of many a column. He started out as “Brick Boy” because he...

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Chugga Chugga Chew Chew

If you have ever signed up for the topsy-turvy exercise of training a puppy, you know firsthand how powerful the need for chewing can be. As puppy teeth make way for adult teeth, the pup fiercely feels the need to work those jaws on something. Some dogs seem to be...

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