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Corey Colombin


Corey Colombin is a columnist, romance fiction novelist, hobby artist and author and illustrator of books for children. When she’s not interviewing or writing, she is often spotted with her husband, family and two slobbery Labradors. You can contact Corey at


The Truth About Cats and Dogs

In my childhood home, we had both cats and dogs, living harmoniously amongst each other. They stayed out of each other’s way for the most part, so I witnessed no scenes of fur-flying scuffles. For the last 30-plus years, I’ve lived with only dogs, and pretty much...

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The Nose Knows

We all know that dogs have a sense of smell far superior to that of humans, but you might be astounded to learn just how keen is their olfactory system. I looked it up to find that, as humans, we have around 5 million olfactory receptors to employ in identifying...

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A Moose on the Loose

Okay, I know we chose to live in the mountains, and part of that experience is the frequent encounters with wildlife. Despite having had multiple dogs, our Evergreen house was often in the path of elk and deer that came right up to me while I gardened, and black bears...

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Special Helpers

Man’s best friend can be a great companion and sometimes a terrific helper, too. I’ve heard of dogs fetching slippers and have personally witnessed a dog being sent outside to gather the daily newspaper. I’ve seen countless videos of dogs doing yoga next to their...

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The Twelve Daisys of Christmas

Our Daisy has experienced her first Christmas with us, and because of her antics, I couldn’t help but put her experience to the tune of “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” But, first, let me explain the lyrics, in order. 1. Daisy was given a hedgehog plush toy, billed as...

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Daisy’s Day Out & The Bellringers

Daisy loves car rides. Just being invited is enough to set her tail fanning the air as she jumps into the cargo area of my old Land Rover. She quickly finds the plush blanket we’ve put onto the back seat for her comfort, scoots it around with her paws until it’s...

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Meet Daisy

We pined for a dog—we hoped for finding the right one—and we got one. The right one implies an instant ‘happily ever after’ scenario, which would be frankly misleading, but I think you’ll enjoy hearing about the journey so far. Here’s how it went down: My husband went...

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Lala and the Lavender Ladies

"Her job was mainly to nap by the fire." Vera Bradley (Lala) is a brindle Cane Corso, or Italian Mastiff, rescued from a Dallas, Texas shelter after she was dumped just 10 days before her litter arrived. She would be eligible for adoption after her pups were weaned...

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Seeking a New Best Friend

It’s been a few months since our sweet Mimi left this world. And just a few months before that, Toby. My husband and I lost both our dogs within a few months of each other. To say that it has been heartbreaking is an understatement. It’s supposed to get easier, but I...

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Waiting Wall-e

Wall-e is a 3-year-old Havanese with beautiful silver and black coloring. Simply put, he is adorable from his little wet nose and soft brown eyes all the way to his pom-pom tail. Wall-e is hard to win over, but once you’re on his good side, his affection knows no...

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Perfect Pairings

“He chose the man over all those girls with their eager smiles and hairbrushes at the ready.” We humans seek out companions that fit our sensibilities, both in buddies and in pets. That’s why when we see a Zsa Zsa type woman strolling down 5th Avenue with two tiny,...

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A Dog’s Best Summer

Summer. In a matter of days, the weather just might start acting like the season it’s headed toward, rather than a daily game of weather roulette. We all know that spring in the Rockies is as unpredictable as—dare I say—the weather. A Monday can start out feeling...

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