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Corey Colombin


Corey Colombin is a columnist, romance fiction novelist, hobby artist and author and illustrator of books for children. When she’s not interviewing or writing, she is often spotted with her husband, family and two slobbery Labradors. You can contact Corey at


Bath Is a Four-Letter Word

If you think that having a water dog means that they like water, I’m here to set the record straight. Some do, that’s a fact. Some water dogs definitely live for the good wet stuff in any form: lake, ocean, mud, trough, fishpond, rain and even snow—they cannot resist...

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The Day the Dogs Took to the Streets

Have you seen the viral video of the Golden Retrievers that take a swim? If not, I recommend it for the pure joyfulness of it all. The clip starts out with a group of about 20 Goldens prancing behind a gate, eagerly watching a man approach. He opens the gate,...

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