It always seems cliché to write about things that are expected: seasonal and timely things. In summer, there are articles about vacation destinations or fun ways to expand outdoor living spaces. Halloween brings pieces on costume ideas and spooky party ideas. Thanksgiving and Christmas reveal the standard fare about family get-togethers and holiday gift-giving suggestions. I’m not against cliché, but I do tend to prefer a more original approach to things.

But then there’s tradition. I can get behind tradition. Tradition has its place. Throughout history, and within cultures, tradition is the fiber that weaves us together and connects us. I like that. So, I will be traditional with my column this month, and since it is November, the month in which Thanksgiving falls, I think it quite appropriate to give some traditional thanks. 

All year long here at Serenity, we have wonderful clients who advertise with us and help to make our publication what it is. We truly appreciate you, and always strive to keep the phrase that “a business is nothing without its clients” at the forefront of our minds when producing our magazine.

We try to keep Serenity chock-full of varied, interesting editorial in addition to the paid articles. The feature stories and departments are written by a hand-selected group of talented and hardworking writers who greatly contribute to the quality content our readers have come to enjoy. We thank each and every one of you for your excellence.

Like many businesses, we had to reduce down to a skeleton staff during COVID, and we’re still there. But those who work for us are invaluable, and immensely cherished for their dedication and talent. We are lucky!

With everything required to produce an over 50-page (on average) monthly magazine—from the advertisers and writers to our amazing staff and, of course, the technological equipment that we completely rely on to get the job done—we would be dead in the water without our amazing printer! Publication Printers down in Denver is the bomb! They have come through for us every month without fail, and always produce a quality version of our magazine. They print many high-end magazines in this region of the country and are also the official printer for the Denver Broncos. You rock, Pub Printers and we appreciate you!

Even with great advertisers, writers, staff, and a printer, a print magazine isn’t assured of readership, especially in this transitioning electronic age. We are grateful to the mountain foothills community for appreciating all our hard work. We will continue to maintain high standards and deliver a publication to be proud of. Thanks to this incredible community for 31 years of readership and support! Colorado Serenity wishes you ALL a safe and happy Thanksgiving!