I must admit, despite the frenetic pace as we ramp up toward press week every month, there is much to appreciate about this job. I have the wonderful opportunity and honor to read (while editing) the great work and effort of all of our paid editorial writers, as well as our department and feature writers. Their work, represented within each issue, is varied, informative and

often quite fascinating, and there is never a month where I don’t learn an incredible amount just by virtue of having this job.

As an example, just looking at this issue, I learned about a new musical group on the scene here in Evergreen (page 26), an incredible, whimsical artist (page 28) and the coolest restaurant in Las Vegas (page 36)!

I was reminded, once again, of the inspiring work of Mount Evans Hospice through their story of the rehabilitation of community member Joe Wise after his stroke (page 12), and of the great work that Resilience1220 is doing for our youth (page 16). It was interesting to find out more about some of the candidates for the upcoming Evergreen Fire Protection District board election coming up on May 3 (page 18— don’t forget to vote!), and I enjoyed learning about the history and experience of the owner of Evergreen Academy of Music (page 20). Of course I always enjoy catching up on the latest happenings with our two local Chambers (pages 22 and 24). That’s mostly the way I find out about upcoming events I might want to attend!

From lighter articles like dogs who consume socks, a fiction novel in monthly installments, and everything horse-related— to meatier topics like ways to become a pilot, home repair and real estate advice, physical therapy and vein health information, and social media and legal advice—there is truly something for everyone within these pages. And I love that our writers strive for excellence with what they present.

This is by no means a comprehensive list of all the editorial, but you get the drift. It’s diverse, engaging, and I look forward to reading each and every one of the submissions as they land in my inbox.

So, despite the stress of the occasional months where 15-20 of our writers all send me their articles in the space of a few days’ time, frequently after deadline (ha ha ha, you all know who you are but I still love you), I still appreciate all the effort and time involved by each of these writers who produce such quality content for Serenity. I’m your No. 1 fan girl. Keep it coming!

(I don’t mean to leave out all our wonderful advertisers who do display ads with us, and I actually edit each and every word on those too, but this is a love letter from the editor to our writers in this particular instance.)