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Amy J. Born


As a longtime Evergreen resident and contributor to Colorado Serenity, Amy has interviewed many local characters over the years. If you are one or know one who’d like to be featured, Amy would love to talk to you. She also writes for fun and profit as a freelancer, helping businesses and professionals enhance their online presence through website content, blogging and more.


Tom Larson

"His counselor explained that Tom had many of the symptoms of PTSD even though he couldn't pinpoint a single triggering event."Tom Larson and his wife, Dana, grew up in Minnesota, but having spent time in Colorado over the years, they couldn’t resist settling here...

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Brenda Cummings

Brenda Cumming wanted to be an artist. She excelled at painting and drawing, and wanted to go to art school. She even sold many of her drawings. Her mother, however, had another idea. “My mother decided I would go to nursing school and I’m so grateful,” said Brenda....

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Kayte Walker

“I was born Mary Katherine Walker, named after my dad’s mother, Mary, and my mom’s mother, Katherine. I instantly became Mary Kay,” Kayte Walker explained. She was Mary in high school and Kayte in nursing school. She became Kayte Christopher-Bear when she got married...

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Victoria Lierheimer

When she was 3 years old, Victoria was diagnosed with hydrocephalus (cerebral fluid pooling on the brain). Doctors implanted a shunt that malfunctioned. The technology at the time relied on valves that failed due to clogging. Her father had an idea for a solution and...

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John Ellis

Having a conversation with John Ellis is not unlike watching a documentary of Evergreen. From Bergen Park to Kittredge and Conifer, he’s known the families, the buildings, the businesses and the many nonprofit and civic organizations that have made up this community...

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Lori Frease

If you are new to the area or are just looking to meet new people, a great way to connect with others in the community is by volunteering. Just ask Lori Frease! She was named Volunteer of the Year in 2017 for good reason. “I volunteer a lot,” she said. Lori, a...

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Zack Short and Amy Mahoney

Zack Short and Amy Mahoney have teamed up to achieve an ambitious goal: raising $50,000 in just seven weeks for the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) as part of the organization’s Student of the Year program. The pair, both juniors at...

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Christina Fick and Conner Gardiner

According to novelist Thomas Wolfe, you can’t go home again. Christina Fick and Connor Gardiner might agree that while you can go back to where you’re from, it won’t exactly be the same place you left. Known in town for their businesses, Evergreen Medical Acupuncture...

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Ron Rossetter

Ron Rossetter grew up in upstate New York and left as soon as he could. He traveled the country in his Chevy truck for a year and a half, working in gas stations when he needed money. He said he accidentally ended up in Colorado when his truck broke down. He could...

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Serena-Faith Masterson

Serena-Faith Masterson has a gripping, harrowing, yet remarkably uplifting life story, which she tells beautifully in her new memoir, “I Am Serena.” As she explains in the introduction, the book recounts her journey of personality integration. In the early 1950s,...

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Alan Gionet

Longtime Denver journalist and Evergreen resident Alan Gionet made the transition earlier this year from news anchor at CBS4 to once again follow his passion as a full-time reporter. “I always reported, even as an anchor. I believe reporting is the core of the...

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Danette May

Danette May remembers being a little girl, sitting between her parents in their truck and telling them that she “was going to bring women to the mountains and bring women to self love.” And they would say, “Oh, you’re going to hold a retreat.” And she’d say, “Yeah,...

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