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Amy J. Born


As a longtime Evergreen resident and contributor to Colorado Serenity, Amy has interviewed many local characters over the years. If you are one or know one who’d like to be featured, Amy would love to talk to you. She also writes for fun and profit as a freelancer, helping businesses and professionals enhance their online presence through website content, blogging and more.


Sandra S. McRae

I am completely in awe of the array of professionals who live within our mountain corridor. Artists to engineers plant their feet in this breathtaking landscape for the inspiration and escape it provides. I have the privilege of meeting and learning from these...

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Kevin Ruble

“ …Kevin has allowed his insatiable curiosity for life experiences to guide him into an array of soul-feeding opportunities.” It is known among these mountain parts that if you leave, you’ll forever wonder when you’ll be moving back. Soon-to-be-again Evergreen...

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Erika Armstrong

Erika Armstrong: published author, journalist, pilot, professor, aviation consultant, entrepreneur and, most importantly, a mother. One might ask, how can a person fit so many accomplishments into one lifetime? After interviewing this intelligent and gentle woman, the...

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Heather McWilliams

Heather McWilliams will be the first one to tell you that a passion for horses is “like a disease:” once bitten by the equine bug, there’s no going back. Heather’s appreciation for horses began at an early age as she frolicked about the hills of Evergreen, Colorado....

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Jodi Holman

Jodi Weiss Holman grew up in Allentown, Pennsylvania. She inherited her mom’s love for fashion that drew them both to make frequent visits to New York City, a mere 80 miles away. Her mom graduated from Syracuse University with a major in home economics. “That’s what...

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T Robinson

Throughout his life, T Robinson has been drawn to unique opportunities that have taken him down some unexpected paths. For the past 20 years, he has built his Evergreen business, Pangaea Carpets, from the idea that people would enjoy bringing something beautiful,...

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Emily Fose

Emily Fose lives in Bailey and is a copy editor for Your Mountain Connection and The Fairplay Flume. She and her husband, Tom, moved to Bailey five years ago, after living in Indian Hills for 14 years. She’s active in church and enjoys walking, reading, photography...

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Johnny Turner

If you are a connoisseur of Evergreen’s local music scene, you no doubt know John Turner—aka Johnny T. He has been a popular performer at various festivals, open mic nights and other area venues such as Aspen Peak Cellars (Bailey), Lariat Lodge (Evergreen) and The...

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Margot Hamilton

Margo Hamilton, a Fort Collins native, moved to Evergreen in 1985 because of Willie Nelson. She explained, “A distant relative moved to Evergreen to ‘be closer to Willie.’ Her husband was obviously a saint. She tasked me to drive with her to Willie’s house numerous...

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John Mullan

You may know John Mullan from his popular Evergreen restaurant, Dandelions Café. Beginning with his first job in a kitchen at a summer camp in New Jersey, John’s lifelong passion has always been cooking. However, his diverse career in law and emergency medicine...

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Tom Larson

"His counselor explained that Tom had many of the symptoms of PTSD even though he couldn't pinpoint a single triggering event."Tom Larson and his wife, Dana, grew up in Minnesota, but having spent time in Colorado over the years, they couldn’t resist settling here...

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Brenda Cummings

Brenda Cumming wanted to be an artist. She excelled at painting and drawing, and wanted to go to art school. She even sold many of her drawings. Her mother, however, had another idea. “My mother decided I would go to nursing school and I’m so grateful,” said Brenda....

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