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Amy J. Born


As a longtime Evergreen resident and contributor to Colorado Serenity, Amy has interviewed many local characters over the years. If you are one or know one who’d like to be featured, Amy would love to talk to you. She also writes for fun and profit as a freelancer, helping businesses and professionals enhance their online presence through website content, blogging and more.


Suzie DeDisse’s Historic Family Legacy

Evergreen Lake is iconic, but to fourth-generation Evergreenite Suzie DeDisse, it embodies her family’s history and heritage. “My great grandfather, Julius Caesar DeDisse, left France in the mid-1800s, met and married his wife, Mary Ann, in New York, then arrived in...

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Nothing’s Impossible for Kevin Woodard

If you’ve lived without social media longer than living with it, you might be leery of socially engaging online. Then, without intention, someone posts that their dog or cat is missing in your neighborhood, or even beyond, and you find yourself driving, calling, and...

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Gail Sharp: Once Driven by Ambition—Now Led by Compassion

After weeks of coaxing Gail Sharp to permit me to interview her, she conceded with a humble proclamation: “I’m one within thousands of incredible people who live in Evergreen, and I’m certainly not unique.” My opinion greatly differs from the owner of TallGrass Spa...

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Marsha and Bill Manning: Community Caregivers

Bill and Marsha Manning are known throughout our mountain communities as an investment advisor/financial planner and doctor of internal medicine, respectively. If you think they allowed their careers to define them, think again. Because of their life experiences as a...

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Jimy Murphy Defines Legend

Jimy King Murphy is a third generation Evergreenite known for his energetic persona, boundless creativity, and a passionate drive. The Oklahoma Dust Bowl, combined with the depression, forced Jimy’s grandfather, Beth King, to leave his family to seek work anywhere he...

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Marilyn Sandifer: A Woman of Character

Fun-loving, charismatic and empathic are but a few character traits possessed by Marilyn Sandifer. During Halloween, she dresses like a pumpkin and delivers flowers to her doctor’s and dentist’s offices, friends, and other service providers. Upon meeting her, she...

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From Local to Global, the Ning Family Makes a Difference

Ted Ning and Heather Aberg Putting love into action defines Evergreen’s Ning family. Dr. Ted Ning, the eldest son of Chinese immigrants, shared, “My father’s family was from the southeast corner of China and spoke Cantonese. My mother’s family was from the northern...

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Sandra S. McRae

I am completely in awe of the array of professionals who live within our mountain corridor. Artists to engineers plant their feet in this breathtaking landscape for the inspiration and escape it provides. I have the privilege of meeting and learning from these...

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Kevin Ruble

“ …Kevin has allowed his insatiable curiosity for life experiences to guide him into an array of soul-feeding opportunities.” It is known among these mountain parts that if you leave, you’ll forever wonder when you’ll be moving back. Soon-to-be-again Evergreen...

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Erika Armstrong

Erika Armstrong: published author, journalist, pilot, professor, aviation consultant, entrepreneur and, most importantly, a mother. One might ask, how can a person fit so many accomplishments into one lifetime? After interviewing this intelligent and gentle woman, the...

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