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Sandy Hoban


Sandy Hoban has always been a keen observer of life. Born and raised a Jersey girl, she lived a colorful childhood which she documented in countless journals. Somewhere between the journals of her youth and her current essays, writing became a necessary elixir for a positive life. As a longtime educator, writer, mother, wife and DU grad student, Sandy continues to use personal narratives as a means to reflect, connect, laugh and inspire others.


Ted Garcia

The genesis story of every creative individual is unique; Evergreen artist Ted Garcia is no different. From a young, punk teen with little direction to the soft-spoken, humble and accomplished artist of today, Ted Garcia’s story is one to behold. Self-discipline,...

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Susan Wechsler

I’m consistently amazed at the quality of artists the foothills area attracts. From elegant glass blowers, playful potters, whimsical scrap paper artisans to abstract master painters and beyond, there is no shortage of creativity in these mountain parts. I am pleased...

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Topher Straus

It’s a phenomenal moment in life when you realize you have a talent. But it’s even more profound when you discover how that gift can help others. Colorado native Topher Straus uses his remarkable artistic skills to help raise money for organizations that are close to...

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Tom Edwards

Evergreen potter Tom Edwards believes in magic. As he should, considering the many serendipitous events that have occurred in his lifetime, from succeeding as a professional potter to inventing his cult favorite, Wallyware dinnerware. However, Tom is probably best...

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Susie Drucker

This is the story of a young midwestern girl who longed to be an artist. At 10 years old, she asked her parents if she could enroll in an oil painting class. They purchased her the perfect paint kit and honored her wishes. Little did they know she would be bit by the...

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Andi Burnum

"Andi possesses a humbleness that does not match her ingenious skill level." Andi Burnum is an up-and-coming artist who creates stunning pieces using a unique medium: torn paper. Photos of her work do not do it justice... at all. I had the opportunity to walk within...

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Carol Newsom

As a parent and former teacher, I have read aloud my fair share of children’s books. Little did I know, many of these books of lessons and delight were illustrated by local Idaho Springs artist Carol Newsom. Since 1970, Carol’s whimsical drawings have graced the pages...

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Jules Elders

I’ve always been fascinated with large murals in urban areas where the concrete landscape bursts to life with vibrant artwork. There are several murals in our mountain community that bring me happiness every time I pass, and I was determined to find out who was adding...

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Terry Gardner

Terry Gardner For almost two decades, Coloradans have been attempting to adjust to the growing population. With more people comes more need for development; with more development comes more purchasing and use of land and natural resources. All of which begins to...

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Ben Stielow

Did you know there is a Man of Steel living within our mountain corridor? He might not be more powerful than a locomotive or faster than a speeding bullet, but he does create impressive fine metal art on steel in a single bound. Conifer metal artist Ben ‘Jamin’...

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Robyn Thayer

Before I ever met local artist Robyn Thayer, I was captivated by her cover photo in the magazine In Her Studio—Spaces and Stories of Creative Women. She was comfortably perched on a refurbished antique armchair and snuggling a chicken. Slightly muted in the background...

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Cyncie Winter

“All that Cyncie has accomplished in life she calls her dharma—one’s calling in life or soulful purpose.”When people ask Cyncie Winter how long she has been painting, she says with a genuine smile, “Since kindergarten.” Which is a fact and also indicative of the depth...

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