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Sandy Hoban


Sandy Hoban has always been a keen observer of life. Born and raised a Jersey girl, she lived a colorful childhood which she documented in countless journals. Somewhere between the journals of her youth and her current essays, writing became a necessary elixir for a positive life. As a longtime educator, writer, mother, wife and DU grad student, Sandy continues to use personal narratives as a means to reflect, connect, laugh and inspire others.


Terry Gardner

Terry Gardner For almost two decades, Coloradans have been attempting to adjust to the growing population. With more people comes more need for development; with more development comes more purchasing and use of land and natural resources. All of which begins to...

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Ben Stielow

Did you know there is a Man of Steel living within our mountain corridor? He might not be more powerful than a locomotive or faster than a speeding bullet, but he does create impressive fine metal art on steel in a single bound. Conifer metal artist Ben ‘Jamin’...

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Robyn Thayer

Before I ever met local artist Robyn Thayer, I was captivated by her cover photo in the magazine In Her Studio—Spaces and Stories of Creative Women. She was comfortably perched on a refurbished antique armchair and snuggling a chicken. Slightly muted in the background...

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Cyncie Winter

“All that Cyncie has accomplished in life she calls her dharma—one’s calling in life or soulful purpose.”When people ask Cyncie Winter how long she has been painting, she says with a genuine smile, “Since kindergarten.” Which is a fact and also indicative of the depth...

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Jean Johnson

"Her choice to develop a career prior to the demands of raising a family proved to be a wise idea." The kindness in her voice was undeniable the moment Jean Johnson answered the phone. I was particularly excited to interview Jean, now 99 years old, because her...

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Patti Gill

“I was astonished at the amount of forethought, effort and detail that goes into a single piece of glasswork.”After having interviewed many artists, I’m noticing a common theme—true success arrives when your “work” becomes something you enjoy doing. Often, attaining...

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Lynda Tygart

"Modernizing the Bromoil technique has allowed Lynda to explore photography through a different lens."Lynda Tygart’s mother knew she had a budding artist in her home when her 6-year-old daughter won 1st place in the McMinnville, Tennessee citywide coloring contest. It...

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Beverly Endsley

"...she captures the heart and soul of every creature that graces her canvas."Did you know rabbits can learn their names? Yup, their ears will perk up if you call them regularly. During an interview with local artist Beverly (Bev) Endsley, I’m told a story about the...

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Aga Elliott

"She would constantly be sketching these animals in her noteboos and soon came to understand her gift."A simple act of kindness and compassion towards a single animal may not mean anything to all creatures but will mean everything to one.  —Paul Oxton There is a light...

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Trudy Chiddix

"She knew ceramics was her medium soon after she touched clay."There is nothing more fascinating to me than learning about someone else’s world. How did they get to where they are now? What hurdles were crossed? How long did it take to know this was their purpose?...

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Bill Varner

"I'm different from other artists because I think about the marketing aspect of things."What makes someone an artist? To me, an artist is someone who thinks creatively and is skilled in a particular medium such as music, painting, glass blowing, film making,...

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Julianna Miller

"We are so happy to be part of this community and wish everyone a wonderful holiday season."Maybe it was the Friday afternoon rainstorm or the gentle greeting I received upon my arrival. Whatever it was, the time I spent with local artist Julianne Miller was nothing...

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