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Corey Colombin


Corey Colombin is a columnist, romance fiction novelist, hobby artist and author and illustrator of books for children. When she’s not interviewing or writing, she is often spotted with her husband, family and two slobbery Labradors. You can contact Corey at coreycolombin105@gmail.com


Destination: Evergreen Chapter 29

Recap of Chapter 28: First the wedding, then a runaway honeymoon. Thanksgiving came soon after, then Haze’s birthday, quickly followed by Christmas. It was a whirlwind of activity for this first holiday season as husband and wife. None of the events disappointed,...

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Destination: Evergreen Chapter 28

 Recap of Chapter 27: Despite the accelerated wedding date, everything came out wonderfully. With Sydney’s help, Haze was ready from head-to-toe to marry Jake, the love of her life. Then why, at the very last minute, did she take a step back? It took only a few...

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Destination: Evergreen Chapter 27

Recap of Chapter 26: Upon the announcement of Haze’s engagement to Jake, a wild idea was hatched. Jake wanted to have the wedding right away, and his family was behind the idea. But Haze hesitated. Could they pull it off so fast? It didn’t take long for Haze to get...

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Destination: Evergreen Chapter 26

Recap of Chapter 25: Haze thought their leaf-peeping jaunt was just that, until suddenly Jake was on one knee, proposing. She couldn’t have been more surprised. And when she heard the story of how he pulled it all off, she loved him even more. Of course she said yes....

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Destination Evergreen: Chapter 25

Recap of Chapter 24: Sydney finally got her book launch event for Jake’s sister, J.M. Peterson. The next day, Jessica, the committed bachelorette, surprised Haze and Jake by introducing them to her fiancé. Then she blew them away by announcing that they were also...

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Destination Evergreen: Chapter 24

Recap of Chapter 23: Since the accident that nearly took his life, Jake had been recuperating at Haze’s house which demanded her full-time attention. With his thoughts on practical matters, such as gardening and making the most of his recuperation, Haze felt haunted...

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Destination: Evergreen Chapter 23

Recap of Chapter 22: Both Jake and Haze are busier than ever with their lives, but still making time for each other. When it was Haze’s turn to cook, she went to a big effort, but Jake failed to show. As panic set in, Haze got a call with the worst kind of news:...

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Destination: Evergreen Chapter 22

Recap of Chapter 21: Life is going well for Haze. She embarked on a new art series, starting with Sydney as her first subject. She cleverly struck a bargain for access to promising models. All she had to do was introduce Jake’s famous author sister to Sydney, who...

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Destination: Evergreen Chapter 21

Recap of Chapter 20: Haze was determined to get to the bottom of Jake’s aversion to marriage. And what better venue than his family’s party, where she could observe the people he grew up with. Maybe the answer was at hand. Instead, she fell in love with them all and...

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Destination: Evergreen Chapter 20

Recap of Chapter 19: In the midst of a fun and carefree afternoon together, the subject of the future came up, which revealed some surprising facts. Haze was caught completely off guard to learn that Jake does not believe in marriage. He declared without hesitation...

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Destination: Evergreen Chapter 19

Recap of Chapter 18: While tending to a sick Sydney, Haze learns details about her past that surprise her. In the mood to reminisce, Sydney shares her photo album full of her adventures around the world and confesses that she’s had only one true love. Haze handed a...

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Destination: Evergreen Chapter 18

Recap of Chapter 17: After a troubled night’s sleep, Haze awakens to find a huge tree has fallen on top of her house. She phones Jake, who proves himself, once again, to be resourceful and industrious. Bearing a chainsaw, he comes to her rescue, toiling all day to...

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