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Novelist Corey Colombin invites you to read her latest novel, “Lucky Penny,” as it unfolds, one chapter at a time. Corey is a columnist, romance fiction novelist, hobby artist and author and illustrator of books for children. When she’s not interviewing or writing, she is often spotted with her husband, family and two slobbery Labradors. You can contact Corey at [email protected]


Lucky Penny, Chapter 23

Recap of Chapter 22: After a rocky start, Chloe and Martin settle on the ground rules for taking their relationship to the next step. Taking her hand, Martin leads the way upstairs. Matthew and Penny give them space and take their passion—and the can of whipped...

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Lucky Penny: Chapter 22

Recap of Chapter 21: Matthew and Chloe were hoping for a good reception when they showed up uninvited, but Martin seemed off. Matthew and Penny hid in the kitchen, giving them some privacy to talk. And now that Martin and Chloe were alone, there was nothing in the way...

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Lucky Penny – Chapter 21

Recap of Chapter 20: Chloe finally got the online troll to stop harassing Penny, but when she went to share the good news, she learned that she and Martin had retreated to his cabin in Maine. While sweating out her frustration at the gym, she happened to meet Matthew....

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Lucky Penny Chapter 20

Recap of Chapter 19: Chloe goes out on a date with Penny’s dad, Martin. They set out to get to know each other over coffee at the Bread Lounge. They were having a great time, when the subject of the online troll came into the conversation. Chloe had been dreading that...

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Lucky Penny Chapter 19

Recap of Chapter 18: With Matthew and her dad’s help, Penny planned a terrific New Year’s Eve party at the pub. The menu and decorations were nothing short of perfect, and just as she had hoped, when Matthew saw her in the sparkling dress she picked, he couldn’t keep...

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Lucky Penny Chapter 18

Recap of Chapter 17: The article in Serenity did the trick, winning over the community and the benefits were showing up by way of increased business. The holiday season was busier than ever and, finally, Penny felt like part of the community. Riding high on the heels...

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Lucky Penny: Chapter 17

Recap of Chapter 16: Penny met with the writer from Serenity and was instantly impressed. She seemed to grasp the heart of her story and why she wanted to tell it. Although she refused to show her an advanced copy, Penny still had faith that she would do it justice...

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Lucky Penny: Chapter 16

Recap of Chapter 15: After realizing that even Matthew knew about her troubled past, Penny and her dad decided to brainstorm the best ways to get ahead of the inevitable rumors. Turned out, Matthew had the same idea. And so, after a lot of coaching and rehearsing,...

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Lucky Penny Chapter 15

Recap of Chapter 14: A night with Matthew was just what she needed. A spontaneous date turned into a night of unbridled passion. She suspected they would be good together, but the experience left her relaxed and happy. In the morning, determined to get back to her...

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Lucky Penny: Chapter 14

Recap of Chapter 13: Just when Penny felt there would be no escaping her situation, she got the perfect invitation to meet with Matthew. Escapism at its best! So, she scribbled a note to her dad, got herself date-ready, expressed her gratitude to Jesse, and drove to...

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Lucky Penny: Chapter 13

Recap of Chapter 12: There was so much on her mind that Penny turned her back on her responsibilities and ducked into her apartment to wallow, leaving Jesse to handle the restaurant. It seemed that her carefully planned new beginning would fall apart, leaving her the...

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Lucky Penny: Chapter 12

Recap of Chapter 11: Rehashing the nightmare of her arrest, Penny’s mind was a scrambled mess. She recalled the day of her arrest and how the customers and her neighbors treated her, even though she was innocent. From listening to what her dad had said about the story...

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