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Novelist Corey Colombin invites you to read her latest novel, “Lucky Penny,” as it unfolds, one chapter at a time. Corey is a columnist, romance fiction novelist, hobby artist and author and illustrator of books for children. When she’s not interviewing or writing, she is often spotted with her husband, family and two slobbery Labradors. You can contact Corey at coreycolombin105@gmail.com


Lucky Penny, Chapter 8

Recap of Chapter 7: Knowing they’d both be busy with work, Matt and Penny agreed they wouldn’t see each other for a while. But, after he brought her flowers for the Valentine’s Day he’d miss, Penny was sure he’d be in touch. How could she know that he’d been in a...

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Lucky Penny: Chapter 7

Recap of Chapter 6: Penny couldn’t resist the invitation for a date with the excruciatingly handsome Matt. He warned her to dress warmly, which both piqued her interest and provided a wardrobe challenge. His idea turned out to be a winter picnic overlooking the creek...

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Lucky Penny: Chapter 6

Recap of Chapter 5: Decorating for Christmas, Penny was missing her dad, wishing they could be together for the holidays. She recalls how unnerved she was when she came face-to-face with a beautiful man and what a complete idiot she’d made of herself in his presence....

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Lucky Penny: Chapter 5

Recap of Chapter 4: Plagued by bad dreams, Penny tries to distract herself from the bad memories of her past by implementing a new winter menu suggested by her dad. Every comfort food-inspired suggestion was a hit and she phoned to give him a chance to gloat. Then the...

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Lucky Penny: Chapter 4

Recap of Chapter 3: Rummaging through her old trunk for decorating touches, Penny came across a legal accordion file that filled her with dread. How had she forgotten it was there? She quickly shut it inside the trunk and left the room. Out of sight, but not out of...

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Lucky Penny: Chapter 3

"She worked hard at not thinking about it." Recap of Chapter 2: Penny recalled in painful detail all the betrayals her ex had made her suffer through—especially the first night she learned of his infidelity. No matter how hard she tried to banish all memories of him,...

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Lucky Penny – Chapter 2

Recap of Chapter 1: New to town and with a new bar and restaurant business, Penny explains the reasons behind the bar’s name, Lucky Penny. It was a nickname from her Granddad, but her life so far didn’t seem to hold much luck. That is, up until now, when she is...

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Lucky Penny: Chapter 1

Penny handed over several napkins to the patron at the bar who had slopped his beer onto the countertop… again. She knew that difficult customers were part of the bar and restaurant scene, but she couldn’t help but have her favorites. This guy was not one of them. The...

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Destination, Evergreen: Chapter 35

Recap: Haze experiences a dramatic birth that unfolds quickly with Jake and Sydney attending. Their baby girl came into the world amid much celebration, surrounded by the people who would be the most important in her life. The following is the final chapter in...

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Destination: Evergreen, Chapter 34

Recap of Chapter 33: Jake seemed confident that everything would work out perfectly, but Haze had her doubts. What kind of mother would she be? What if she was terrible at it, ruining her child’s life? She turned to Sydney to assuage her fears. How it happened was...

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Destination: Evergreen Chapter 33

Recap of Chapter 32: Finally, Jake and Haze were able to share their good news with Sydney. Over a homemade lunch, they raised a toast to their unborn baby. Sydney declared it would be a girl and assigned herself the role of eccentric Great Auntie, which entailed...

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Destination: Evergreen, Chapter 32

Recap of Chapter 31: Haze picked the exact right time to present the baby booties to Jake—it was during their Valentine’s Day picnic. It was too bad that while they were clutched in a celebratory embrace that Crowley ruined their picnic. As they snacked from what was...

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