To live in the mountains is to appreciate a different way of living, surrounded by nature, basking in the sunshine, moving at altitude. Our community is proud to be set apart as the residents who take on and enjoy these Colorado elements, and we understand the benefits we receive. And, of course, we understand there are drawbacks to the constant sun and dry air—and this is the time of year our skin starts to protest those things. That’s why it’s important to have a medical spa right here in town, full of friendly professionals who understand the joys and the challenges of living at altitude under that beautiful sun.

“When you don’t know if you need a day spa or a med spa, we’re a great place to start… ”

“Our skincare approach and med spa services are specific for high-altitude living because we have a unique environment here in the mountains, and an outdoor lifestyle that is rare in other areas of the country or even ‘down the hill’ in Denver,” says Kandyce Braband, founder of Trinity Esthetics in Evergreen. “We strive to provide exceptional results that are safe and effective for folks who enjoy the high-altitude life.”

Kandyce launched Trinity Esthetics in Bergen Park in 2014 after several years in the skincare industry. From that starting place, Trinity has found its way into a larger North Evergreen space to accommodate growth, both in customers and in services, despite required pandemic-related shutdowns in 2020. “In 2019, I moved to a new, larger location so I could continue to grow the business, and had dreams of developing my own product line,” recalls Kandyce. “After being shut down for those infamous weeks in 2020, I was able to rebuild, and in 2021 expanded my team to where we are today. We made the transition from day spa to med spa in January of 2021 and my current team has been with me ever since!”

The team includes Heather Black, a registered nurse, who was instrumental in the transitioning to a med spa. “Heather and I partnered up because of her years of medical and nursing experience,” says Kandyce. “She’s worked in every level of care—ICU, trauma, OB/GYN, psych—and bringing her on was so important.” And Mindy Strawn and Zermene Guin, both licensed estheticians, completed the Trinity Esthetics team. Working with Kandyce, the group offers both day spa and med spa services. “We see the importance in relaxing services as well as effective skincare and treatments which give us a unique edge,” Kandyce explains. Day spa services include luxurious self-care services such as facials, waxing, spray tanning, lash extensions, tinting and lifts, as well as more advanced services like dermaplaning, microdermabrasion, peels and microcurrent treatments. Med spa services are treatments such as nutritional IVs, injectables (Botox, Dysport, Juvederm and Restylane), laser hair removal, Lumecca IPL photofacials and Morpheus8 RF Microneedling.

It seems like a lot, but Trinity Esthetics is careful to place you in exactly the service you need. “When you don’t know if you need a day spa or a med spa, we’re a great place to start because we can help someone who is unfamiliar with what’s available. When you come see us, we help sort your goals and budget so we can pair you with appropriate treatments and products,” Kandyce says.

This is the careful attention to service and detail that makes Trinity Esthetics a go-to mountain spa as well. “I’ve been an esthetician since 2012, and in those years, I worked with several skincare brands where the actives chosen were too aggressive for my clients here in the mountains,” Kandyce explains. “In Colorado, the air is dry, the sun is intense and the outdoor lifestyle is alive and well—so using highly exfoliating ingredients to achieve anti-aging (though I hate that word) results don’t work. Sometimes they cause more problems than they solve!”
Her Colorado-specific knowledge and research led Kandyce to develop her own skincare line for her mountain-based clients. “I was very focused on researching ingredients for skincare that addressed photoaging, barrier repair, glycation, and hyperpigmentation. I started Phytodermix in 2020 after struggling to find the ‘perfect’ product for my clients: Trinity Esthetics’s in-house cosmetic skincare lab and product line.” Coupled with a tailored skincare regimen and the wide variety of offerings, Trinity Esthetics is treating individual people and meeting their specific needs.

“I think we often forget that skin is an organ and our largest organ at that. It’s responsible for so many functions and is our window to seeing the overall health of the rest of our body we cannot see. Digestive issues, hormones, allergies, and vitamin deficiencies are reflected in the skin,” Kandyce reminds us. “When we’re putting together a treatment plan that addresses the skin, we’re thinking about your health, nutrition and lifestyle for best results. Skincare is no longer centered around vanity—it’s part of a health and wellness regimen because our skin is a reflection of our overall well-being. Just like eating right, exercising and sleeping well, taking care of your skin with proper treatments and skincare ingredients is an essential component of healthy aging.”

With this refreshed approach to customized skin care, Trinity Esthetics invites you to try something new, something sure to help you look and feel great. “Nutritional IVs are a service that no one should be sleeping on!” Kandyce says. “I’ve received Nutritional IVs myself for years to support my immune system, sleep, digestive health and stress management.” While the infusion certainly leaves your skin with a hydrated glow, what’s going on beneath the surface is so much more than hydration level. “Lack of nutrients in our current food supply combined with a stressful lifestyle can lead to vitamin deficiencies that can eventually turn into other issues. We have clients come in for Nutritional IVs for all sorts of reasons. It’s the perfect way to keep yourself healthy or work on getting healthier.”

But we all want great looking skin, and Kandyce suggests another underutilized service that offers quick, beautiful results. “Spray tanning!” she says. While everyone is out and about under that Colorado sun, you should be in your SPF at all times as well. “Spray tanning instead is affordable, easy, and gives you a beautiful glow without UV damage! We offer natural and organic spray tan options that can last up to a week and never look orange.”

Behind the science and the research, these recommendations are more about community than anything else. While Kandyce and her team have the studied know-how of industry professionals, they cater to mountain residents because it’s a community they love. “We like to think of ourselves as the spa version of ‘Cheers,’” Kandyce says. “We love getting to know our clients and their families and supporting our special mountain community. I think it’s one of the reasons our clients stick with us and give us such amazing reviews.” And the reviews, not to be too “punny,” really are glowing, written with admiration and appreciation for the professionalism, the client-specific attention and the gentle way Trinity Esthetics has of selling and executing their services.

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