“With work and life experience in the mountain area, Bellwether is well versed in what fits the mountain aesthetic… ”

Close your eyes and think of your childhood home. It evokes a particular feeling, a warming sensation in the chest that eases the mind. Maybe you think of the smell of your grandma’s bread or the feeling of your childhood bed or your favorite room you kicked back in and relaxed.

Now you’re an adult, and home can bring you that same peace—but it’s hard to feel it if something is breaking down. Homes are big investments, big responsibilities, and that’s especially true of mountain homes exposed to all of Colorado’s weather elements, long and cold winters, radical temperature swings, and a host of wildlife that we love to observe but that can be pesky when it comes to home maintenance. Think of your home’s exterior as the protective shell built to safeguard the heart of your home. Deteriorating siding and aging windows can lead to moisture and pest invasion, energy inefficiencies, and a degraded curb appeal on the place you’re supposed to love most.

This understanding is what sets Bellwether apart from other siding businesses. Bellwether has built their business on not simply siding repair or replacement, but around helping people invest in their homes to make them safe, durable and beautiful for a lifetime.

“We believe that beautiful design and dependable performance go hand-in-hand, so you don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics or function to have the home exterior of your dreams,” says Josh Dembicki, president of Bellwether. Dembicki established Bellwether, formerly Colorado Siding Repair, along with Paul Dickens, project manager, and Cash Stricker, project guide, in May 2017. “Together we had over 30 years experience in the home services industry. We started with just the three of us running the operations, from sales to production. We have since grown our team to 18 full-time employees, with dozens of contractors as well. Three of our full-time employees live in Evergreen and the areas that surround it. We feel like this is a community in which we can make a huge impact for homeowners.”

Because the Bellwether team intimately understands the opportunities and challenges of mountain living, they are equipped to offer the best advice when it comes to beautiful, long-lasting home exteriors for mountain homes. “We understand the excitement and apprehension that comes along with exterior home renovation projects. We believe that we are uniquely positioned to help homeowners make important decisions.” With work and life experience in the mountain area, Bellwether is well versed in what fits the mountain aesthetic, but more importantly, what makes for a successful home exterior in the mountain climate. “People come to us for more than aesthetic makeovers. They’re concerned about protecting their home from the threat of fire, pests and moisture,” Dembicki explains. “This is a major reason we feel that it is important to share what we do with our communities here in Evergreen, Conifer and surrounding mountain towns.”

From this expert opinion, Bellwether has installed fiber cement siding on many mountain area homes—the reason being: it is a superior product, durable enough to hold up in years of mountain weather, while remaining rich in color and beautiful, with very little maintenance. “We are Colorado’s number one James Hardie fiber cement siding installer,” says Dembicki. Bellwether is a certified James Hardie Elite Preferred contractor, meaning they are completely versed in the highest-quality fiber cement siding products on the market, as well as the industry’s highest installation standards for fiber cement siding. Over the last several years, Bellwether installed more James Hardie fiber cement siding than any other siding remodel company based in Colorado.

Fiber cement siding is the best siding product for mountain area homes. Comprised of a composite of cement and cellulose fibers, the siding planks are factory pressed and primed to mimic the lovely grain of wood siding and to retain its stain or color, thanks to ColorPlus technology, backed by a James Hardie 15-year Finish Warranty. But unlike wood siding, which is common in older mountain homes, fiber cement siding protects against moisture so that the siding never peels, cracks or splits, even after years of exposure to baking sun, high winds, and plenty of snow and ice. The factory-finished products also come in over 750 colors, some of which are multi-tone to mimic the look of stained wood.

Perhaps most importantly, fiber cement siding is fire resistant. James Hardie fiber cement siding can be paired with a fire resistance system to create a grade-A fire rating, and is resistant to spark and flame. In the mountain area, where we live among the trees and stunning Colorado flora, fire is a very real risk—and fire season will be here soon. “Our team members in the mountains use fiber cement siding on their own homes,” Dembicki says. “It’s what we choose to keep our homes and families safe, and we want to give other mountain area homeowners the same assurance.”

Bellwether isn’t just a team of certified home exterior experts. “I’m a Colorado native,” says Dembicki. “I’m a veteran who served in the Air Force. I enjoy spending time with my family outdoors, watching Marvel movies, and visiting local museums and parks. My wife, Tanisha, and I have two boys, aged 9 and 8.” In fact, Tanisha joined Josh and the Bellwether team in 2020, handling most of the company’s marketing endeavors, including the rebrand from Colorado Siding Repair to Bellwether.

Dembicki says, “We rebranded from Colorado Siding Repair because our operations have graduated to larger exterior renovation projects that include full siding and window installations. Not only has our average project size increased, but our capabilities to create an exterior design for homeowners has become an integral part of our process. We wanted a brand that made space for us to evolve. When we realized siding repair accounted for less than 20 percent of what we did, we knew it was time to explore growing as a brand and changing our name.”

Bellwether’s new name and brand is solidly rooted in four key values that represent the company’s ethos, but also serve as a fulcrum of integrity. They’re both an explanation of who Bellwether is and a promise to their customers. “Bellwether’s values guide everything we do from the first time we talk to a customer over the phone to schedule an initial consultation, to the pre-construction meeting, all the way through to the final walkthrough and transferable, lifetime warranty,” Josh explains.


Bellwether embraces new ideas, systems and technology to stay ahead of the times, streamline internal processes, and provide cutting-edge products.


Bellwether measures twice and cuts once. They sweat the details and take an old-fashioned approach to the craft, matching superior products with excellent installation.


Bellwether differentiates themselves from the corporate “Goliaths” in the market by embracing quality and accuracy, even when that means unorthodox thinking. Despite leading in quality, they retain an approachable and resourceful spirit of excellence.


Bellwether delivers a beautiful, flexible, and timeless design sensibility that separates their work from more utilitarian competition. Customers can count on Bellwether to create appropriate and distinctive design solutions for their family homes.

“The best part of this job is that we get to guide people as they make important decisions to renovate their home exteriors,” says Dembicki. “We are in this business to help homeowners maintain pride in ownership and restore the beauty, durability and function of their home’s exterior. Our goal is to be the most trustworthy guide a homeowner ever chooses to partner with in that journey.”