Well, Holly and I are finally married. I actually proposed and gave her a ring in December of 2019. But then Covid forced us to reschedule our originally planned 2020 honeymoon for this next month. We are so looking forward to a long­awaited and well deserved nine days on the island of Kauai. 

After 13 years of living and working together 24/7, I thought that getting married was mostly just signing the marriage license and filing it with the county. Especially since we had already decided on a private ceremony on our property with Holly’s daughter Carina and our two dogs as the only guests. However… 

We quite serendipitously picked the most pleasant day of the year, complete with an unusually warm breeze and a deep blue sky. 

In the late afternoon sunlight, Holly was the most radiantly beautiful woman I have ever seen. The love I could see in her eyes and the love I felt for her nearly brought me to my knees. Holding hands and saying our vows was a thousand times more powerful than I ever expected. 

I now know that our answer to staying together forever is the love we feel when we look each other in the eyes.