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Sarah Ann Noel


Sarah Ann Noel is a freelance writer and editor, as well as a wife to Trevor and a mom to Iris, Edith and Thomas, the Australian Shepherd. She is an MFA candidate at NYU’s Writers Workshop Paris, which means she only has time for eating, sleeping and reading. You can reach Sarah at sarahannnoel.com.


Jeb Barber and Jax Jordening

Jeb Barber and Jax Jordening A few weeks ago, in the middle of Evergreen’s Got Talent, the stage was graced by two young kids who played music like two experienced adults. From Jeb’s guitar-picking to Jax’s deep, growling vocals, the brief set was more like a live...

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Evergreen’s Got Talent 2022

What a privilege it was to attend an in-person Evergreen’s Got Talent this year, and to sit in amongst other local music enthusiasts and supporters, cheering on a handful of bold, talented kids. A return to the stage was only one of many things to celebrate—this...

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May be Fern

“The May be Fern story started before any of us knew we could pursue music as a career. Hannah and Kate came together through multiple mutual connections constantly suggesting we do something musical together after hearing us perform individually.” The four musicians...

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Public vs. Private Art

Evergreen resident Dan Matus has a piano room. That’s what you have to call the room selected to house his beautiful, shiny grand piano littered with classical sheet music—Bach, Chopin, Rachmaninoff. In the evening hours, he toils over the long keyboard, playing and...

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Unexpectedly Romantic

I was a huge “How I Met Your Mother” fan, which was my only real exposure to The Proclaimers’ 1987 recording, “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles).” It pops up in a few episodes of the x-season series, and specifically in the episode “Arrivederci, Fiero.” The episode showcases...

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John McKenna

“I feel the Divine presence communicating to me through my songs.”If there is one thing the world needs always, and especially now, it is any reminder that we are all human and that despite differences, there are things that bind us together. This is one of my...

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The Last Christmas Concerts

By this time of the month, you’ve likely packed your calendars with splendid events to celebrate Christmas, been up and down the hill to take in some lights or a show, and popped into your favorite local venues for some singalongs and holiday favorites. But it’s still...

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Evergreen Children’s Chorale Returns!

Our children have been the brave bearers of much of the oddity of the last year and a half. From masks at school to rearranged extracurriculars, they have taught us lessons in resilience and flexibility—and so it feels especially good to make things as normal as...

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Paul DeHaven

I came to the name Paul DeHaven through a friend. She mentioned that her Evergreen neighbor had recently started writing gift songs—customized, original songs written on behalf of a gift-giver for the recipient. “People will request a personalized song for a...

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Olde’s Car Show Finale

Live music is great anytime. If it also means the community coming together for fun—bonus. Is that good time going to benefit a good cause? Even better. Last summer, Olde’s Garage began hosting Evergreen Cars and Coffee car shows in their recognizable parking lot on...

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Three Generations of Musical Theater

Katrina Glaser was raised in the mountain area, a third-generation Evergreen resident. She is the granddaughter of JoAnn Dunn, daughter of Karl and Laurie Atkinson. Her brother is Kevin Atkinson. Like any student coming of age, when Katrina was young, she explored...

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Lisa Delia and Band Kamp

"...I've learned I can hit those high notes I didn't think I could hit because now I have the confidence to do it."With her impeccable hair and prize smile, it was easy for me to spot Lisa Delia when we met for the first time at Muddy Buck last week. “And cowboy...

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