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Sarah Ann Noel


Sarah Ann Noel comes to Evergreen by way of Denver and Brooklyn, NY, but she is settling into a mountain pace of life. A freelance writer and editor, Sarah spends her days working from her house in the forest, taking yoga classes and figuring out how to perfect her sourdough bread at altitude. She is married to Trevor, owner of Wander Unlimited, and they have two young daughters and an Australian Shepherd. You can reach Sarah at sarahannnoel.com


Music for Your Feet

I had a realization this week, and I am very predictable. It turns out, my music and my footwear go hand-in-hand… or foot-in-foot? This year has ushered in a few “I’m getting old” moments for me, not the least of which is the fashion cycle, recycled back to exactly...

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Music of the Times

The impacts of 2020 are apparent everywhere, across industries, from large urban areas and into our smaller mountain communities. COVID’s effects have changed the way we see the world, the way we live our lives. I have spent a good deal of energy on uncovering those...

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Christmas Isn’t Ruined

As you might imagine, Christmas is different this year. I didn’t say it’s ruined. I just said it’s different. Normally, I use this December column to wrap up some last-minute, music-filled festive events for you to attend locally as your family rolls in and the kiddos...

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Pre-Christmas Playlist

I have this habit of getting into the holiday spirit a little too early. I am the sucker for whom they stock Christmas stuff at Hobby Lobby in October. I am the sap who walks the holiday aisles at Target, relishing the drip from Halloween spooks into red and green...

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Who’s Thomas

I have, for many months now, been tracking leads on the mountain area’s teenage garage bands, having come into my teenage years as a certified, flannel wearing ’90s kid. Finally, my search led me to Who’s Thomas, based in Conifer. Although I saw only one flannel, felt...

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Jason Walsmith Storyteller

While live music looks a little different these days, our mountain communities are not strangers to a non-traditional venue or impromptu shows. I’ve visited old estates with stages built inside the living room, been invited to secret concerts inside historic buildings...

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A Road Trip Playlist

A few months ago, I used this column to share my family’s quarantine playlist and how we use music in our house to set the mood for various activities or even the general tone of the day. The response was truly overwhelming and it made me happy to hear that many of...

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Schaubhaus Guitars

Mentors and idols have told me that to be a better writer, you have to be a better reader—the implication being, if you love a thing enough, you’ll know it inside-out. Simple enough since, for the most part, I expect writers are also bibliophiles. It gets a little...

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Making Mixes

Making Mixes Quarantine aside, ordinarily in this column, I have the privilege of speaking with local bands, songwriters and music makers about their sounds and what inspires them. If you think about it, though, the makers of music are only a small percentage of the...

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