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Cindy Lempke


Cindy Lempke is an Evergreen resident and music lover. She made lifetime friends at the Ice House open mic nights, and has a deep appreciation for singer/songwriters. In addition to her professional pursuits as owner of Lempke Communications, LLC, Cindy volunteers on the Boogie Benefits team organizing music events for local nonprofits.


Rodney Bennett, The Woodcellar

Rodney Bennett, Woodcellar's Music Maestro “Music provides a communal forum to connect with each other, take a step back from daily stresses, leave politics aside,” says Rodney Bennett, man behind the bar and creator of the Woodcellar’s dynamic music scene. In the...

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Cactus Jack’s Keith Stokinger

“Seeing enjoyment on people’s faces is why I do this,” says Keith Stokinger, aka “Stokie,” who manages bookings for Cactus Jack’s Saloon and Grill, a destination for live music. With the support of CJ’s owners, Gary and Megan Mitchell, Stokinger has amplified CJ’s...

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Alyssa Medina

Alyssa Medina has found her authentic voice in Colorado. Photo courtesy of Old Dominion Photography In December of 2016, a young woman stuffs all her belongings into her Toyota RAV4, drives 1,700 miles across country from Virginia to Colorado, and puts an ad on...

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Jon Lundberg

On a sunny Saturday afternoon, Evergreen music lovers and “flatlanders” broke away from the spring-like weather and entered the dimly lit Little Bear to hear Jon Lundberg & The Locals perform a song list ranging from Johnny Cash to Tom Petty, Dwight Yoakum to Amos...

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Kyle Wilson

Kyle embraces his rock star image. Kyle Wilson’s love of rock music was ignited at the age of 10 when a friend played for him the recently released KISS Alive II album. Kyle was blown away, picked up his Wiffle Ball bat to play air guitar, and began to dream of...

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Midday Sons

“In 2006, I had just moved here from Dallas a few years before, and the only thing that I missed about Texas was my jamming buddies. Then I saw Dean playing carols at the Christmas walk in front of Mountain Village by the bakery,” says Cort Langworthy. “He happened to...

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Holiday Music Events

Maybe it was the gigantic pre-Halloween snow. Maybe it was how the year seemed to quietly creep by. Maybe it’s simply that, for once, I had myself together in October. Whatever forces have aligned, I present to you, with timing that makes much more sense, a round-up...

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Chris Becker

Twenty-five years ago, when Chris Becker moved to Evergreen, he was already a successful musician, but it was his artistic side that drew him to the mountains. Originally from Chicago, and growing up in a musical and artistic environment, Chris had established himself...

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Josh Kincheloe of Glasslands

Josh Kincheloe, lead singer of the high-energy rock band, Glasslands, met me at a local coffee shop to chat this week. We each drove down from separate mountain houses to talk about music and his band—the other members of which are scattered all over the country. In...

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Sarah Bauer Band

When you open yourself to something new, opportunities seem to open themselves to you. At least, that’s how I felt when I met Sarah Bauer at a Conifer coffee shop to hear about her musical journey, including her band, Sarah Bauer Band, and Grass on the Gulch Bluegrass...

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Lalo Hart

Young motherhood was an interesting phase for me, having ultimately created... life!—yet otherwise suffering through a creative dry spell. I was filled to the brim with so much love and so many needs yearning for an outlet, for time to share, the words to say. Then,...

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Ralph Nichols, Single Entertainer

When I was a little girl, visiting my grandparents in the Quad Cities, I used to spend the hot Iowa summer afternoons in their cool musty basement. I had a little white rocking chair that was just for me, and I would pull it across the orange shag carpet to sit in...

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