Bet you didn’t know it, but you are livin’ the dream—the dream of living in the Rocky Mountains. You don a raccoon mask skiing every winter, bask in 300 days of sunshine, ride horseback through the prairie and enjoy recreational marijuana all year long. That might just be the perspective of most “outsiders” who think that is what it is like to live in Colorado. It’s quite interesting to hear what other people think of our centennial state and how they perceive us westerners. As a native, you relish your home state and possibly have a little pride in telling people where you are from. So, let’s test your smarts and see if you can guess these facts about Colorado….

Located 2 1/2 hours from Denver, many Colorado residents visit the world’s largest pool and its nearby outdoor activities year-round. It smells awful at first, yet is a great family outing as a day trip or a weekend adventure. This Colorado hot spot is easy to guess and is a favorite stop for every eighth-grade band/orchestra student from West Jefferson Middle School who travels to the Grand Junction music competition.


Just outside of the Denver metro area is the highest paved road in the United States and this famous high top is highly visible to many residents from Bailey to Evergreen. This road takes visitors to one of Colorado’s 58 fourteeners with the easiest hike to the summit.

If you enjoy a little rustic nostalgia, you might want to visit this friendly watering hole that has hosted several famous musicians like the Allman Brothers and Willie Nelson. In the summer, many spectators stand on the porch to watch the Evergreen Rodeo Parade pass by before stepping back in time to get a drink.

Colorado has the longest continuous commercial street, running from east to west and passing right by the capitol. This famous avenue is home to the Ogden Theatre, East High School, Davies’ Chuck Wagon Diner, and the tourist hot spot, Casa Bonita.

Can you guess the Colorado state flower, the step number at the capitol that marks our namesake as the Mile High City, and why we are called the centennial state?

If you couldn’t figure out the clues, go ahead and use Google. You might come across some interesting facts about our beloved state and make some plans in the ever hopeful 2021 to visit a few landmarks. We could be looking at another year of puzzles, home-gym workouts and Zoom calls, so why not create your own future of day trips. Take a drive and find a hidden gem while supporting the local community. You know there is nothing more important than your health, and while you stay safe and healthy, you can also do the next best thing by supporting small businesses across the state.

Our small business culture is what built America; anyone from anywhere could start a business. And there is pride in that, like being a Coloradan. Like all things that define who we are, small business owners are proud to create a product or provide a service that serves others and fills a need. Lets support our small business owners throughout the state, because we are supporting families and their legacies, new ideas and ingenuity, old-school traditions and community influencers. So, get on out there, smarty pants—shop small and shop local!