I’ve been contributing to the Foothills Focus column for four years this month. It’s such a cliché to talk about how quickly time flies, but it’s so true! This is my 15th article for Serenity. Fifteen times I’ve received that email that it’s my turn to write for our column. Fifteen times I’ve stressed over what the heck I’m going to write about. And fifteen times I’ve waited until the day before our deadline to finally sit down and get my article written!

In 2017, when colleagues Jodi Dolph and Sally Ball and I decided to approach Serenity, we didn’t know how this would work. We just knew that we wanted to write about living in our fabulous community that we love so much. Each and every month, I read this column and I’m always so impressed by how my pals write. I feel like you really get a glimpse of our personalities.

Jodi Dolph is the person we all strive to be. She never says no to anyone who needs help. Never. I tease her relentlessly about this. However, it’s because she never says no that she won our Mountain Metro Association of Realtors’ Community Service Award this year. Jodi is a tireless supporter of our foothills communities. And because of this, her articles are always about how we can be better, do better and take care of one another.

Sally Ball is just frickin hilarious. And if you wonder if she talks the same way she writes, the answer is yes. Don’t ever expect a quick story from Sally. They all require the appropriate set up, then meandering musings then more set up and then she’ll get to the final point. Maybe. Sometimes, the little rabbit trails lead her to a whole different story that interrupts the first story. Yet, somehow the final point never matters as much as the journey.

I typically write about my musings. “Deep Thoughts” by Rachel Mulvihill. I’m the very worst storyteller there is. I try to be super economical with my words. I don’t tell long stories, but I can get lost in philosophical, ethical, emotional details. As a student, I disliked writing. It was always so daunting to stare at a blank page and know that you had to fill it up. I remember using the old double space trick to convince myself that my words were filling up the page faster than they really were. But now, surprisingly, I enjoy typing out my musings.

Between the three of us, we have 70 years of living in the foothills. Jodi and I grew up in the Denver area and Sally got here as fast as she could! We’ve all three been married for a long time, and Realtors for a long time too. Although we all have such different perspectives, we are mountain girls who love living where we do. And I think we’d all agree that the best part of living here is getting to rub elbows with all of you.