Continuing the
Road to Recovery

On behalf of our business community, I would like to say thank you. Thank you for respecting the Stay-at-Home and Safer-at-Home orders. Thank you for social distancing and wearing masks when appropriate out of respect for those around you.

Our collective efforts have encouraged our state and county health departments to slowly relax the guidelines, and the spread of COVID-19 has not been explosive. It has been rough for everyone, but we have made it through stronger together. Now, as we embark on a summer that will involve more local travel and local experiences than we planned, it is time for us all to enjoy what we have right here in our mountain community. Yes, there will be more tourists, but our local businesses need their dollars as well as ours to recover from this temporary economic pause caused by a worldwide medical emergency.

By the end of the month, we will be moving on to our next phase of recovery, allowing restaurants to open at 25 percent capacity and gatherings in groups of larger than 10. Once again, we can shop, get a haircut, a massage, even go to a workout class. Many things will still be done in small groups, but we are now allowed to venture out and expand our world. Are we safer at home? Yes. There, we are more likely virus free, mask free and glove free. However, human interaction is part of our very core, and we can slowly, carefully engage.

Did you participate in the VIRTUAL Taste of Evergreen on May 7? Our community posted tons of pictures of takeout meals throughout the day from over 40 local restaurants stretching from Conifer to Indian Hills! Three restaurants tied for first for having the most photos shared: The Wildflower Café, Elk Meadow Eatery and Tuscany Tavern! Thank you for eating takeout! Keep up the good work.

As we go through the month of May, you will notice that all of our businesses are back up and running. Doctors and dentists, spas, clothing stores, fly fishing stores, gift shops and more are happily servicing customers safely and efficiently. If you are wondering who is open, just visit the Evergreen Chamber website business directory. There, you will find who we recommend and how to connect to them.

What happens if your favorite business is not listed? Give us a call and we can help you get information. We will also reach out to that business to offer our services to increase their visibility and connectivity to customers. As we travel down the road to recovery, you will notice that businesses will be spending money on marketing to let you know they survived and are ready to serve. If you own a local business, give us a call and we can help you with your marketing plan to make sure this town knows you are here to stay.

The role of the Evergreen Chamber of Commerce is to provide resources to businesses and residents in times of prosperity and in times of challenge. We strive to pass on information about our road to recovery and economic resurgence to everyone. We partner with our county government, our neighboring Chambers and our residents to work together to stabilize and return to our next phase of the new normal. If you need information or a recommendation on a local business to use, please email me personally at We are all navigating the temporary economic pause together. We are resilient, resourceful and ready to embrace the future. Have hope—stay healthy.